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Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Bakersfield, CA


(888) 915-7197

RestorationMaster proudly provides disaster restoration services for homes and businesses in Bakersfield, CA and the surrounding areas.  Our professionals are trained, licensed, insured and experienced to respond right away to emergencies of all types. Whether your home experienced a fire, flood, is infested with mold or has a combination of these, we are ready to help.

Our technicians use professional products and methods to quickly remove any byproducts from the disaster and restore the building materials and contents to their original condition. We will also take measures to protect the property before the restoration process, such as securing the structure, roof and siding to prevent additional damage. Finally, after the restoration process, we will work with your insurance adjuster during the claims process to allow for additional peace of mind.

With our efficiency and professionalism, you can expect a smooth recovery process after a natural disaster.

We proudly provide the following restoration services:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold removal
  • Reconstruction
  • Commercial restoration
  • Hoarding cleanup
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Content restoration and pack out services
  • Commercial restoration

You can reach RestorationMaster 24 hours a day at (888) 915-7197 for emergency disaster restoration services in Bakersfield, CA and the surrounding areas.

Water Damage Restoration - Bakersfield CAWater Damage Restoration – Bakersfield, CA

Water damage is one of the most upsetting problems to deal with in a home or building. There are many potential causes of water damage, both inside and outside your property. Some of these include rain, flooding, leaks, plumbing issues, and burst pipes. Water can also spread quickly through porous furnishings and building materials, resulting in serious damage and mold growth.  RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration services to remove excess water and flooding from homes and businesses in Bakersfield, CA.  Our technicians will ensure that all water has been removed and that the affected areas have been dried, cleaned, and restored.

Fire Damage Restoration Bakersfield CAFire Damage Restoration – Bakersfield, CA

Fires are extremely dangerous and damaging disasters as they put lives at risk and continue to cause damage after the fire is out.  The flames of a fire cause serious damage to the affected objects and materials and the burning of synthetic materials creates corrosive byproducts like soot and residue that will remain after the fire and continue to spread the damage.  If a fire occurs, you need to have the building evacuated and the fire put out.  Once the fire department leaves your property, you need to start the restoration process.  RestorationMaster provides fire and smoke damage restoration services to rebuild and restore damaged homes and buildings in Bakersfield, CA.  Our technicians can repair the damage caused by the fire, clean up the effects of smoke and soot, and remove lingering odors.

Mold Removal - Bakersfield CAMold Removal – Bakersfield, CA

There are few things that scare a homeowner more than the sight of mold on their property.  Mold can appear anywhere it has a source of food and moisture, including hidden areas, and it can cause significant damage.  Mold growth is dangerous because the mold uses the affected surfaces as its food source, leading to serious structural damage as it eats away at the surfaces, and it can result in serious health effects for those who are exposed.  At RestorationMaster, we provide mold removal and remediation services to completely remove mold growth from homes and commercial buildings in Bakersfield, CA.  Our professionals can effectively contain and remove the mold and ensure that the damaged materials are either removed or restored.

Reconstruction Services in Bakersfield CAReconstruction Services – Bakersfield, CA

Dealing with a natural disaster is very difficult for homeowners and business owners, especially when it causes serious damage.  Major disasters like storms, fires, and floods can cause damage to the siding, roof, and structural core of a building.  Homes and buildings in this state of damage require immediate attention to stabilize the structure and begin the rebuilding process.  At RestorationMaster, we provide complete reconstruction services to rebuild and restore heavily damaged homes and buildings in Bakersfield, CA.  Our construction crew can handle any reconstruction project to restore your property, no matter how severe the damage.

Commercial Restoration - Bakersfield CACommercial Restoration – Bakersfield, CA

Experiencing damage from a natural disaster is costly for a business.  Companies not only have to pay for the repair of the damage from a natural disaster, but they may also suffer further losses with damaged inventory and equipment and by suspending business operations while the property is restored.  It is important for businesses to get their property restored quickly with a professional they can trust.  RestorationMaster provides commercial restoration services for affected businesses in Bakersfield, CA.  Our technicians will work quickly to minimize the spread of the damage and restore your property so you can get back to business.

Hoarding Cleanup – Bakersfield, CAHoarding Cleanup Bakersfield CA

People affected by compulsive hoarding disorder are actually putting themselves and their loved ones in danger without knowing it. Hoarded items and piles of clutter can lead to mold growth, fires, tipping hazards, and allergen buildups. RestorationMaster offers hoarding cleanup services to hoarders in Bakersfield, CA, prevent severe injury or death in these situations. We will work with you and your loved one to develop a detailed cleaning plan, putting them in charge of the process so nothing is thrown away without their approval. We will also take steps to disinfect the property after removing the unwanted items, removing biohazards, allergens, mold and more. If needed, our professionals can provide follow up cleaning services to ensure the home remains safe and sanitary.

Sewage Cleanup In Bakersfield CASewage Cleanup – Bakersfield, CA

Sewage backup is a potential cause of water damage and indoor flooding, and are considered dangerous. They cause severe health problems and lead to significant water damage. Sewage water contains dangerous toxins, like human waste and bacteria. If you experience a sewage backup on your property, call a trained professional right away. RestorationMaster offers sewage cleanup services to homes and businesses in Bakersfield, CA. Our professionals will remove sewage water from your home and disinfect the affected areas to prevent health problems.

Biohazard Cleanup - Bakersfield CABiohazard and Trauma Scene Cleanup – Bakersfield, CA

It is important to know the best course of action should you ever encounter a violent crime or serious accident on your property. It can be dangerous and overwhelming to discover scenes like this because biohazard materials and bodily fluids may be present. The first thing to do is call for emergency responders and keep away from the dangerous materials on the scene. Once law enforcement and the emergency responders arrive, call a licensed biohazard professional to clean and restore your property. RestorationMaster offers biohazard and trauma scene cleanup services to homes and businesses in Bakersfield, CA. Our professionals will completely disinfect and clean the area to return it to its original condition.

Flood-Cleanup-HomeContents Cleaning and Pack-Outs – Bakersfield, CA

When your property experiences a natural disaster, both the building and the content inside are at risk for serious damage. Disasters like heavy storms, flooding, mold growth, and fires can cause permanent damage to your personal belongings. If items like jewelry, clothing, and artwork are not restored right away, they may become unsalvageable. RestorationMaster offers contents cleaning and pack-outs services to homes and businesses in Bakersfield, CA. Our professionals can fully restore and clean your belongings on-site or transport it to our climate-controlled facility.

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection Services – Bakersfield, CACommercial Cleaning - Bakersfield CA

It is important to keep your workplace neat and clean to combat the spread of coronavirus. Germs carrying the disease may be present in high touch areas, such as desks, chairs, door handles, computers, and keyboards. RestorationMaster provides commerical cleaning and disinfection services to offices and commercial buildings in Bakersfield, CA. Our technicians will use advanced cleaning products and disinfectants to properly clean and sanitize your building.

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