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Commercial Restoration in Bakersfield, CA

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Natural disasters can have a major impact on businesses.  The damage that storms, fires, and floods can cause cost a business money in repairs to the building, lost product, and damaged equipment.  A business may also have to stop their regular business activities while the property is being restored. It is important for businesses to work with a trusted disaster restoration professional that can limit the damage and quickly restore the property to help limit the losses.

At ServiceMaster at Bakersfield, we provide complete commercial  restoration services for businesses in the Bakersfield, CA area.  We understand that every minute your business is out of commission is losing you money which is why we work quickly to limit the damage and get your property restored.  Our technicians can restore damage from fires, floods, mold, and storms and we can also provide complete construction to rebuild your building.

Commercial Restoration in Bakersfield, CA

For commercial restoration in Bakersfield, CA, contact ServiceMaster at Bakersfield at (661) 232-0021.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water and flooding can cause serious damage within a commercial building as water can spread through building materials like flooring, wood, and drywall and ruin equipment. If there are a lot of computers or other equipment in a flooded area, there is also a risk of electrocution. All levels of water damage, whether it is a leak or sewage backup, needs to be addressed immediately before it results in widespread damage to the building and equipment or causes mold growth.

Our technicians at ServiceMaster at Bakersfield are experienced and equipped to provide flood cleanup and water damage restoration in any commercial setting. We will identify and repair the source of the water and remove the water as quickly as possible. Our advanced dehumidification equipment will ensure that the affected areas and materials are dried to prevent structural damage and mold growth.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Fires on commercial properties are especially dangerous because they can cause widespread damage and put your employees and customers in immediate danger. All businesses should have fire evacuation drills so that if a fire does occur, you can ensure that everyone gets out safely. After the fire is out, you need to call a professional for fire damage restoration, as the remaining smoke and soot will cause additional damage and increase your losses.

Our technicians at ServiceMaster of Bakersfield can handle every aspect of the fire damage restoration process, including restoring the effects of smoke and soot and rebuilding severe structural damage. We will arrive quickly to stabilize the building and begin the pre-cleaning to prevent permanent tarnishing and etching. Our technicians will then complete all structural repairs, restore damaged areas and materials, and remove smoke odors. We can also restore electronics and equipment affected by smoke and soot.

Commercial Large Loss Services Bakersfield CA

Commercial Reconstruction in Bakersfield, CA

Experiencing major structural damage can be devastating for a business as it may force you to suspend business operations while the building is repaired. Some businesses never recover from such extensive damage. At ServiceMaster at Bakersfield, we have over 50 years of experience providing reconstruction services for commercial buildings. Our crew will assess the damage and form a complete construction plan to get your property restored to its pre-disaster condition. Our project managers will oversee the entire process and keep you updated through each step.

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If your businesses in Bakersfield, CA is affected by a major disaster, you need to call our trusted professionals immediately. We will help limit commercial losses by working diligently to contain the damage and get your property restored so you can get back to business. We have over 50 years of experience in commercial restoration, and complete our work according to the highest business, quality, and ethical standards.

You can reach us 24 hours a day at (661) 232-0021 for our commercial restoration services in Bakersfield, CA.

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The service was timely, professional. I especially appreciate the project Manager Noe, who pays attention to customer’s needs and excellent in resolving problems. I will definitely recommend this company.

Keene, CA
Where do I begin? Our entire house flooded while we were gone. When we returned, we found the water and I immediately called my insurance company. They recommended ServiceMaster and I agreed. IMMEDIATELY, I received a call and a visit to assess the damage and to explain the process to get us back in our home. The people I worked with at ServiceMaster were very reassuring, helpful and always available. I really felt like they had our interests at heart. Even though the process was very long (6 1/2 months), I felt that ServiceMaster acted completely professional, followed through on promises made and really made me feel that they were concerned with our displacement and would do their best to make our home wonderful again. They did! I wholeheartedly endorse ServiceMaster and would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is a similar situation. Thank you ServiceMaster and your great team!

Bakersfield, CA
Prompt, professional, hardworking, polite, efficient and helpful. Thank you sooo much Israel, Carlos, Ricky, Sylvia, Rebecca and Jack. Thank you also to Jerimiah

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