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Mold is a fatal spore that is usually accompanied with mildew that causes major problems. Mold cleaning does not have to be a strenuous and frustrating task if it is taken care of in time. Mold is a stubborn spore that can remain within the home, business, or other settings as long as the conditions are right. If this issue is not handled properly, you could be facing an infestation problem later on down the line. It is important that you realize how dangerous and toxic mold is, and you should take the necessary actions to clean and prevent mold.

Mold Remediation Aurora COMildew and Mold Remediation

Your first concern during a mold and mildew removal project should be safety. The EPA recommends that you wear a respirator, non-ventilated goggles, and protective clothing during mold cleanup to avoid inhaling the mold. Contact with mold can cause eye irritation and skin rashes. The mold remediation specialists at RestorationMaster are experts at removing mold and mildew safely.

We will respond appropriately, immediately reporting the mold problem to your insurance company. When the extent of mold contamination is isolated and/or less than 10 square feet, expensive testing and protocols are generally not required. RestorationMaster can proceed with the emergency water mitigation services, including remediation of the 10 square feet or less of mold. We will isolate the contaminated area and remove the mold, while protecting the surrounding areas from the possible spread of mold spores.

At RestorationMaster we are Certified in Mold Remediation by the IICRC and the IAQA. We can help you if you have any kind of mold problem. Serving Aurora CO 80011 and surrounding areas.

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