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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services for Parker, CO

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Water Damage Restoration – Parker, CO

Water is the leading cause of property damage because it comes from so many sources. A flash flood during a storm, a leaking appliance, or a broken pipe in a wall can all lead to unwanted water in your building. It’s vital to remove this excess water quickly before it soaks into furnishings and building materials and rots them, or even worse, starts to grow mold. Spores begin to grow within 48 hours of exposure to moisture, so waiting will only cause more problems. The technicians at RestorationMaster use only the industry’s best extraction and drying equipment to remove all traces of excess water from your home or business in Parker, CO and the surrounding areas before your property is ruined or mold can grow.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Parker, CO

Fires cause a great deal of damage in a short amount of time, which is why they’re the most dangerous natural disaster. They grow and move quickly, so when one breaks out, there’s no time to do anything but evacuate everyone from the building. Never stop to remove property and call 911 from a nearby location. It may seem like the worst is over once the fire is out, but secondary damage continues to occur from smoke, soot, toxic fumes, water, and firefighting chemicals unless remediation begins quickly. RestorationMaster has experience restoring and repairing damage from fires of all sizes in Parker, CO and the surrounding areas. We can salvage even the most hopeless looking items, but only if you call soon after a fire.

Odor Removal – Parker, CO

Among some of the most common concerns for property owners when coming back home or to work is having to deal with a stubborn odor leftover from the damage. While home remedies can only do so much, sometimes a professional deodorization service is needed. Within RestorationMaster’s odor removal services provided in Parker, CO, our technicians make use of advanced technology in order to eliminate the odor at its source. Within 48 hours, you can expect your property to be completely restored from all damage, including lingering odors.

Mold Remediation – Parker, CO

Mold is essential for making some types of food, but that’s the only time it should be in your home. The microscopic spores are everywhere in the air, and they feed on ordinary household items like paper, wood, and drywall, so all they need is a source of water to grow. Mold isn’t just an ugly discoloration on your walls; it destroys anything it touches, and the spores irritate lungs, nasal passages, and eyes. Even people who don’t normally have allergies experience these symptoms. They undergo allergy testing and finally learn they have mold at home.  RestorationMaster has experts trained in mold remediation and restoration who can find all traces of mold, remove it, and repair any damaged structural elements and content without spreading it through the building or contaminating themselves or others.

Hoarding-Cleaning-for-Parker-COHoarding Cleaning – Parker, CO

Hoarding may have been something to be kept hidden in the past, but these days experts understand that it’s a condition based in anxiety. Individuals deal with their anxiety by collecting seemingly worthless items, such as newspapers, mail, or clothing. Others are unable to throw items away and over time, the items accumulate and block access to areas of the home. Not only does this create a safety hazard, but the piles can harbor mold, dust, bacteria, insects, and rodents. The professionals at RestorationMaster have training in dealing with hoarding situations in Parker, CO and surrounding areas and understand that this isn’t as simple as poor housekeeping skills. That’s why we work with the individual to create a comprehensive cleaning and restoration plan, and nothing is removed from the home without the owner’s consent.

Biohazard and Trauma Cleanup – Parker, CO

Many situations can involve the presence of biohazard materials. But regardless of the situation, it’s important to react immediately and call the authorities, followed by a professional cleaning service. This is because mishandling biohazard materials can increase the risk of spreading disease or infection. RestorationMaster provides professional trauma scene cleanup services in Parker, CO to fully remove all biohazards and bacteria from the scene. Our technicians use effective cleaning products and equipment to restore safe living conditions on the property. We also work with law enforcement as to not disturb any evidence.

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