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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services for Castle Rock, CO


Disasters usually strike at the worst possible time, but it’s vital to take action right away to keep them from creating more damage. The professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration have the training and experience to manage the aftermath of all types of disasters of any size in Castle Rock, CO and the surrounding areas. We work with your insurance company to expedite the claims process and help you get your life back on track as quickly as possible. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because disasters don’t keep business hours.

ServiceMaster-Restoration-Water-Damage-Restoration-in-Castle-Rock-COWater Damage Restoration – Castle Rock, CO

No matter how excess water gets into your home or business – overflowing toilet, broken pipe, flash flood, or any number of reasons – you need it removed fast before it ruins everything it touches. Even worse, mold begins to grow within 48 hours of exposure to excess moisture, which causes even more damage, as well as health problems. ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration uses only the most effective water extraction and drying equipment available in the industry to remove all traces of excess water from homes and business in Castle Rock, CO before dangerous mold can start growing. We’ll restore damaged items too, even electronics and heirlooms you thought were lost forever.

Fire-and-Smoke-Damage-Restoration-in-Castle-Rock-COFire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Castle Rock, CO

Fires are the most dangerous disaster because they move quickly and pose immediate threats to physical safety. You can be in the room with a dirty carpet and be just fine, but if you’re in a room with a fire, you’re in danger. Even after the flames are extinguished, secondary elements like water, smoke, and even the chemicals used to fight the fire continue to damage your building and everything inside, even items that weren’t initially damaged in the blaze. The experts at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration can stop the spread of the damage, restore and repair damage before it becomes permanent, and rebuild ruined structural elements with our fire damage restoration services in Castle Rock, CO.

ServiceMaster-Mold-Remоval-Services-in-Castle-Rock-COMold Remediation – Castle Rock, CO

Mold does more than discolor a wall; the spores grow quickly and eat away at fibers in textiles, wood, paper, and other household materials. As they feed, the mold grows and spreads further into the building; if it gets into hidden areas like wall interiors, it can spread undetected. Mold spores irritate eyes, lungs, and nasal passages, even in people who normally don’t suffer from allergies. Allergy sufferers may experience worsening symptoms and have no idea why. That’s why it’s so important to call ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration at the first sign of mold in your home or business in Castle Rock, CO and surrounding areas. We have the training and equipment to safely and effectively remove all traces of mold, even in hidden areas, the first time, without spreading it or contaminating ourselves or others.

Hoarding-Cleanup-for-Castle-Rock-COHoarding Cleaning – Castle Rock, CO

Hoarding is a condition that is based in anxiety, not a “simple” case of poor housekeeping skills. For reasons that even they may not understand, hoarders are unable to discard items, or collect things that aren’t considered valuable, such as magazines or old mail. These collections aren’t organized, so they pile up and block access to parts of the home over time. This creates a safety hazard, and hides dust, mold, insects, and rodents. The specialists at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration have extensive training and experience dealing with hoarding situations of all sizes in Castle Rock, CO and the surrounding areas. We know there’s more to hoarding restoration than coming in with dumpsters and garbage bags, so we work with the family and the individual to create a plan to clean and restore the home. We help remove unwanted items, but nothing will be removed without the individual’s permission.

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