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Mold Removal Services for Castle Rock, CO

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Mold is commonly found in nature, but dangerous if found inside a home or business. The spores are everywhere in the air but there’s no way to remove all traces of them, even with the best air purifier on the market. Mold spores feed from items commonly found in buildings, like drywall, paper, and textiles, so all they need to grow is a source of moisture. That’s why mold grows so quickly after a water leak or flood, usually within 48 hours. Mold isn’t just ugly, it rots away at fibers and eventually destroys them without prompt restoration. The spores release into the air and irritate nasal membranes, eyes, and lungs, even in people who don’t have allergies. People who do have allergies often experience worsening symptoms in buildings with mold growth. The first indication that they have mold at home or work may come after a visit to the doctor for a cold they can’t shake, especially when symptoms get worse in a certain location. After a round of allergy testing, they discover a mold allergy.

Mold Remediation Services For Castle Rock, CO

Mold grows and spreads quickly, so it’s crucial to call RestorationMaster at the first sign of mold growth in your home or business in Castle Rock, CO. Never try to clean it yourself because it’s difficult to remove all traces of it without exposing yourself or others to the dangerous spores, or spreading them through the building. Commercially available cleaning products aren’t strong enough to kill mold and without the right training, it’s hard to know exactly what to look for or where to look.

Our experts have years of training and experience and only use the most effective products and equipment available to the industry to find and eradicate all traces of mold the first time. We isolate the contaminated area so the mold can’t spread, then develop a comprehensive plan to remove it.

RestorationMaster’s Mold Remediation services include:

  • Inspecting the area for the presence of mold;
  • Containing the mold so it doesn’t spread to the rest of the building;
  • Developing a comprehensive remediation and restoration plan;
  • Removal of all traces of mold and restoration of damaged items.

If you find mold anywhere on your property in Castle Rock, CO, call the experts at RestorationMaster right away. The longer you wait, the more it will spread and the more damage it will cause to your building, your personal property, and your health. We’ll arrive fast to contain the mold and develop a plan to remove all traces of it and restore damaged items. Call us at (720) 706-8965 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for comprehensive mold remediation services.