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Biohazard Cleaning Services for Aurora, CO


Situations in which someone is killed or seriously injured can be very traumatic because individuals do not experience these things often but they are in fact a common occurrence. It is just important to remember what to do in these situations in order to protect your safety and alert the right authorities. Biohazard materials such as blood and bodily fluids are often found at these scenes and the bacteria and toxins they contain can spread infection and disease if they are not cleaned up properly. ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration provides biohazard cleaning services in Aurora, CO to safely remove dangerous materials from trauma and crime scenes. We will completely restore the area to a safe condition and we are trained to work with law enforcement to avoid jeopardizing the investigation.

Biohazard Cleaning Services in Aurora, CO

Reliable Biohazard Cleaning Services

The technicians of ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration have the training and certification to remove and dispose of all types of biohazard materials including blood, bodily fluids, and tissues as well as disinfect the scene so it is safe to enter. It is very important to have trained professionals remove biohazard materials because they may contain harmful viruses and toxins and improper cleaning methods will cause them to spread. The cleaning products and equipment we use are among the best in the industry for cleaning up biohazard materials and the services we provide include the following:

  • Decontamination: The entire area is sanitized and disinfected once the biohazard materials are removed.
  • Deodorization: We can remove remaining odors with our powerful deodorizers.
  • Proper Disposal: We will safely transport biohazard materials to a licensed facility where they can be disposed of properly.
  • Continuous Monitoring: We can complete the job in a reasonable amount of time with emphasis on communication and quality control.
  • Insurance Assistance: We can help file insurance claims with your provider.
  • Family Assistance and Support: We can help those who are grieving find a counseling professional to help them cope with the situation.
  • Certified Technicians: All of our technicians are certified and trained to clean up crime and trauma scenes according to local and state government regulations.

We understand that situations involving a serious injury or death can be traumatic to deal with but taking the right actions is crucial for protecting your health and getting the scene restored to a safe condition. ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration provides biohazard cleaning services to safely clean and restore trauma scenes in Aurora, CO and our technicians work with sensitivity and respect for individuals who may be grieving. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day at (303) 800-3404 to respond with emergency biohazard cleaning services.

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