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Water Damage Restoration in West Windsor, NJ

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Water can be very damaging to your home or business. Water damage can come from burst pipes, plumbing issues, and inclement weather that can cause extreme rain and flooding. It is extremely important to start the restoration process right away to prevent further damage such as damage to the structure or mold growth.

RestorationMaster offers water damage restoration services to homes and businesses in West Windsor, NJ to help them recover after a water damage disaster. Our highly skilled technicians use specialized moisture meters and water removal equipment to extract all excess water and moisture from all affected materials. We then repair and restore any leftover damage. If you need water damage cleanup services in West Windsor, NJ, make sure to call our local experts at RestorationMaster, and our professionals will help you right away!


How Water Damages Homes and Buildings

If you have standing water at your home or business, it can cause damage to your property. Water spreads through porous materials quickly and can cause them to rust, warp, or rot and in the case of building materials like wood and drywall, it can cause your property to become unstable. Also, water can spread to electrical wires which is a fire hazard.

When there is water damage at your home or business, it can cause mold. Mold spores form in areas that have moisture present. Once mold forms, it is difficult to get rid of it. It can also cause damage to various porous materials and to your health. Those exposed to mold may experience allergy like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and in extreme cases, even upper respiratory issues.

Our highly skilled staff at RestorationMaster will make sure to fully restore your home or business from water damage caused by flooding, a leak, or any other water related issues. We have hi-tech equipment to make sure we can get rid of excess water quickly and efficiently. After the water has been removed, we will restore your property back to its original state.

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We offer the following water damage restoration services in West Windsor, NJ:

  • Inspection: We make sure to inspect any damage caused by water and check how much it has spread using our moisture meters.
  • Water extraction: We have specialized water removal equipment that we use to extract excess water from all water-damaged areas.
  • Removal and disposal: All damaged materials will be removed from your property and disposed of properly.
  • Structural drying: We use specialized dehumidifiers and air movers to get rid of excess moisture from structural materials such as wood and drywall. We then test the property again to ensure we’ve removed all moisture.
  • Mold prevention: All water-damaged areas are disinfected to prevent mold growth from forming.
  • Rebuild and restoration: Our highly skilled staff will repair any damage to your ceiling, walls and other structural elements and make sure your property is restored back to its original state.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage is a hazardous material that can easily transmit pathogens. Since sewage water is easy to transmit, it is highly recommended to hire a professional sewage damage removal company like RestorationMaster to safely handle your cleanup project. Sewage disaster cleanup needs to be done correctly, for the safety of everyone involved. You can’t simply just get rid of the sewage and put things back together again. Our water damage restoration technicians specialize in properly disposing of bio-hazardous materials and minimizing the damage caused by sewage contamination. Our trained employees know what areas are safe to enter, how to safely dispose of contaminated water, and when it is safe for you to re-enter your property.


Flood and Storm Damage Restoration in West Windsor, NJ

Because hurricane, flooding, and other storm damage can extend from the roofing to the foundation, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to storm damage restoration. That’s why we bring years of problem-solving expertise and a diversity of flexible storm damage cleanup solutions to every client we assist. Equally as important as maintaining cost-effective cleanups and maximizing property preservation, supporting your stress-free recovery begins with honest guidance and realistic recommendations. We can be reached at (609) 900-7686 for all your water damage restoration needs in West Windsor, NJ. Do not hesitate to call! We have helped more than 10,000 homeowners in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

RestorationMaster’s emergency flood cleanup and dry-out is a service package that will get your home completely restored to its previous state after you’ve been left with water, mud, and damage due to flooding.

Call RestorationMaster for Water Damage Restoration in West Windsor, NJ

Our highly trained technicians at RestorationMaster will make sure to restore your property after you’ve experienced water damage or flooding.  If you’ve experienced water damage at your home or business, make sure to call our professionals at (609) 900-7686 today for all your water damage restoration needs in West Windsor, NJ.

Water Damage Cleanup from RestorationMaster

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