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Post Construction Cleaning for The Pinery and Castle Pines, CO

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Construction jobs are done in homes and businesses for a number of reasons including remodels, repairs, and new additions.  What all construction jobs have in common is that they can be long, complicated projects that can disrupt the daily routines in your home or business.  It’s always a relief to have the job completed, but the jobsite is rarely in a condition to use immediately after the job is finished.  RestorationMaster provides post construction cleaning services in The Pinery and Castle Pines, CO to clean up construction sites after the job is completed.  We can cleanup left over dust and dirt and ensure that the area is free of debris.

Construction crews are notorious for tracking dirt through your home or building and they often leave debris behind on the job site such as nails, screws, scrap, and various parts.  It is important for the area to be scanned thoroughly for this type of debris so no one steps on anything.  Dust is also a common problem with construction because the nature of the work creates a lot of dust that will spread throughout the home or building.  The dust can trigger breathing problems or allergies and it can cause some damage if it gets into the HVAC system.

At RestorationMaster, we can thoroughly cleanup construction sites by removing leftover parts and debris as well as dust from the building.  We also work in compliance with insurance requirements and local building codes.

Our post construction cleaning services consist of the following:

  • Paint overspray cleaning
  • Light fixture cleaning
  • Air diffuser dusting
  • Spot cleaning of walls and interior glass
  • Light fixture cleaning
  • Damp mopping for hard floors
  • Vacuuming and spot treatment for carpeting

Our technicians will start by evaluating the condition of the construction site and then form a cleaning plan based on our evaluation.  We will give you and your insurance company a copy of the plan and assign a field supervisor to handle the implementation of the project.

Once a construction project is completed in your home or business in The Pinery or Castle Pines, CO, contact RestorationMaster to clean and restore the jobsite.  We will remove any potentially hazardous debris and clean up the dust that is left behind.  You can call us at (720) 706-8965 for more about our post construction cleaning services.