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Emergency Board Up Services for Miami, FL

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Any time a disaster strikes and causes considerable damage to the exterior or structural core of your building, your home or business is vulnerable to further damage by the elements or vandals. When this happens, the building may need stabilization to keep it protected from further damage until it can be rebuilt. When you’re trying to deal with the aftermath of a fire, major accident, or other kind of disaster, you don’t want the damage to get any worse or risk your home or building collapsing. RestorationMaster provides emergency board up services to secure homes and businesses in Miami, FL and surrounding areas that have experienced significant structural damage. These services will protect your property from further damage from rain, wind, intruders, and animals, and ensure the structural integrity until reconstruction can take place.

It’s important to take action quickly when your home or business has suffered structural damage after a disaster. Any holes or openings to the outside can let in water, wild animals, vandals, and burglars, all of which can do more damage than the original disaster. Many people don’t own the heavy-duty tools that make installing large sheets of plywood easy, or a vehicle that can transport sheets from the building supply store. Unless you’re an experienced roofer, it’s best to stay off the top of your house and let an expert stretch a tarp over any exposed areas. Structural elements may be unstable and collapse if you try to balance a ladder or climb on them.

The professionals at RestorationMaster can quickly board up and stabilize structures of all sizes in the aftermath of a disaster. We’ll make sure the building is secure and that nothing and nobody can get in to cause more damage. Our stabilization services will ensure that the building will remain standing until we can make lasting repairs.

Our emergency board up services include:

  • Covering all damaged openings in the building;
  • Roof tarping;
  • Temporary enclosures and barriers, if necessary.

The longer you wait to take action to stabilize and secure your home or business after a disaster, the more damage will occur. RestorationMaster is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide emergency board up services in Miami, FL and surrounding areas. You can call us for emergency help, day or night at (305) 707-6135.

We can provide emergency board up services in Miami, FL as well as Miami Beach, Miami Shores, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Miami Lakes, Miami Springs, Miami Gardens, West Miami, and South Miami.