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Hoarding Cleaning in Littleton, CO

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Regardless of whether they themselves are hoarders or have family members affected, many Americans deal with the effects of hoarding every day. While one may look at it as just laziness, hoarding behaviors are actually the result of a deep anxiety that disallows those affected from throwing away their belongings. These can include everything from knick-knacks to newspapers to animals. As the clutter continues to grow, so does the risk to their safety. Everything from slip-and-trip hazards to fire to mold, it’s important to reach out to a hoarder right away about their situation.

RestorationMaster provides effective hoarding cleaning services for homeowners in Littleton, CO. But before beginning the service, our technicians ensure to take a compassionate approach to the situation, building a relationship with the individual based on trust and respect. Then we will put them in charge of the decision process as to what is kept and thrown away or donated. We will then fully disinfect the property, restoring it to safe and healthy living conditions.

Licensed Hoarding Cleaning ServicesHoarding-Cleanup-Services-in-Littleton-CO

When approaching a hoarder, it’s not as easy as just cleaning their home; they must approve of the cleaning process. Then our technicians will do everything possible to gain their trust while putting them and their family members in charge of the cleaning process.

After all unwanted items are removed, we will begin disinfecting the property using professional products and processes, removing any biohazards, mold, and debris leftover. Our services also abide by the regulations set by the Department of Transportation, EPA, and OSHA.

All of the following is included within our hoarding cleaning services:

  • Removal of Unwanted Items: All clutter is removed from the property after being approved by the affected individual. These items are taken to be thrown away, recycled, or donated.
  • Disinfection: All biohazards, mold, and dirt are removed from the property using professional products and processes.
  • Odor Removal: Any lingering odor in place after the cleaning service is eliminated using advanced technology.

If you have a loved one who struggles with hoarding, it’s important to reach out to them right away for their safety. After they have agreed to have their home cleaned, don’t hesitate to contact our technicians.

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