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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services for Bosque Farms, NM


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Water Damage Restoration – Bosque Farms, NM

In Bosque Farms, NM, property owners are at risk of heavy water damage from a variety of sources. They include severe storms, burst pipes, major leaks, sewage backups, and more. If this occurs in your home or office space, a rapid reaction can save you more than just headaches. This is because water will continually spread and cause damage the longer you wait. To prevent this unnecessary damage, we provide 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services here at RestorationMaster.

Fire Damage Restoration – Bosque Farms, NM

RestorationMaster is a leading provider of fire damage restoration services in Bosque Farms, NM. This is because our technicians address all damaging aspects of fires. This includes damage from the fire itself, resulting smoke and soot, and even the water used to put it out. On top of returning your building back to its original condition, we will do everything possible to salvage damaged personal belongings, electronics, business equipment, documents, and more.

Mold Remediation – Bosque Farms, NM

RestorationMaster is a leading provider of mold remediation services in Bosque Farms, NM. This is because our technicians understand the nature of mold, and the most effective ways to remove it. For example, after locating all traces of mold on your property, we will first contain it in order to prevent it from spreading while we work. We will then eliminate it with our specialized equipment. After this, we will restore affected surfaces, and perform a final inspection to ensure that all mold has been eradicated.

Pack-Out Services – Bosque Farms, NM

When severe property damage occurs, many homeowners and business owners first think of the damage to their building, as well as how it will affect their family or firm. It sometimes takes a while to consider the vast amount of valuable items immediately put at risk by the damaging event. At RestorationMaster, we provide effective pack-out services to specifically address these belongings. By transporting them to one of our secure, climate-controlled facilities for cleaning and repair, they will have much better odds of being fully restored. We will then ship them back once your building is safe. We offer this service to property owners in Bosque Farms, NM.

Odor Removal Services – Bosque Farms, NM

When property damage occurs in residential and commercial settings, a variety of foul odors often get left behind. This is because porous building elements and materials on your property can actually absorb these unpleasant aromas. To combat them, we treat affected materials and air spaces through our odor removal services here at RestorationMaster. Whether the source of the smell is from a fire, water damage, mold growth, or really anything else, our highly trained technicians can eliminate it. We offer this service to property owners in Bosque Farms, NM.

Hoarding Cleaning – Bosque Farms, NM

Compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder that causes affected individuals to feel severe anxiety when they are faced with the prospect of throwing things away. This leads them to hoard a substantial, and dangerous, amount of items on their property. When this occurs, hallways and exits can be blocked, fire hazards appear, individuals may have belongings fall on, or trap, them, and a variety of allergens can buildup to cause negative health effects. Through our hoarding cleaning services, our RestorationMaster technicians work with affected individuals in Bosque Farms, NM, to return their property to livable conditions.

Commercial Disaster Restoration – Bosque Farms, NM

As a business ourselves, we fully understand the implications when a disaster occurs to your firm’s operating space. Not only will you incur costs from necessary restoration services, but you will lose revenue from slowed operations, as well. At RestorationMaster, we provide efficient and effective commercial disaster restoration services to help businesses in Bosque Farms, NM, limit these costs. By utilizing our state-of-the-art restoration equipment and methodologies, we help firms of any size recover from extensive property damage.

Construction Services – Bosque Farms, NM

In Bosque Farms, NM, there are a variety of damaging events that can cause business owners and homeowners to need extensive construction services. While this can create a tremendous amount of uncertainty, we do everything in our power to bring you greater peace of mind through our comprehensive construction services. At RestorationMaster, we have the capability to act as your sole point of contact throughout the duration of the project and will return your property back to its original condition both efficiently and cost effectively.

Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning – Bosque Farms, NM

It is important that property owners in Bosque Farms, NM, know what to do when a violent crime or accident occurs on their property. First, you must dial 911. Second, you should contact our RestorationMaster representatives. The latter action is to sanitize your property following its exposure to dangerous biohazard materials (such as blood and bodily tissues). These materials can spread a variety of infections and diseases, which is why local and federal agencies require specific handling and disposal procedures. Through our biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services, we will return your property to safe conditions.

Emergency Board Up Services – Bosque Farms, NM

Severe storms, major accidents, and similarly damaging events can leave the structural elements of your building at risk, and even puncture your roof, siding, and windows. At RestorationMaster, we provide emergency board up services to prevent further damage from occurring before you can begin restoration work. We will first stabilize any compromised structural elements of your building, and then proceed to tarp your roof, and cover any openings that developed. This will leave your property in Bosque Farms, NM, in a secure condition until more permanent repairs are made.

Storm Damage Restoration – Bosque Farms, NM

Residents and business owners in Bosque Farms, NM should always have their property prepared for the possibility of a storm.  The area regularly experiences hail storms, thunderstorms, strong wind, and monsoons that can each cause serious damage to your property.  Whether your property experiences structural damage from the wind or flooding from the rain, you need to have the damage addressed immediately.  RestorationMaster provides storm damage restoration services to repair homes and businesses that have sustained damage in a storm in Bosque Farms, NM.  We can provide structural repairs as well as full scale water damage restoration to restore the damage to your home or building.

Frozen Pipe Damage Restoration – Bosque Farms, NM

Even though the winters in New Mexico are mild, it does get cold at night.  The temperature regularly drops below freezing and if your pipes are not properly insulated, the water within the pipe will freeze and lead to a burst.  Pipes burst under the pressure from the expanding ice and allow hundreds of gallons of water to spill out into the home or building.  At RestorationMaster, our technicians can cleanup and restore homes and buildings in Bosque Farms, NM that have experienced a pipe burst.  Our technicians will ensure that all water and moisture is removed from the area and we can also restore damaged materials and furnishings.