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Water Damage Cleanup Services in St Charles, MO 63301

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Water damage is known as one of the most common types of damages incurred by a home or building. While it can be unsightly, it can also spread to cause additional and even cause permanent damage. In addition, porous materials, such as wood, drywall, and paint will be affected faster than others. This is because their spongy material will be quickly to soak up the water. While this seems costly enough, it gets worse. Due to the high amounts of moisture, these will harbor the perfect conditions for mold growth. As this will cause additional problems in the future, the health of you and your family or staff is at risk.

However, RestorationMaster is available 24/7 to provide flood cleanup services in the St. Charles, MO area. Our technicians use advanced drying equipment and products to effectively extract the excess water and restore the property to its original condition.

Responding to Water Damage

While water damage is not always dangerous, it has the potential to start small and grow quickly, spreading to other areas. It can also become dangerous if it is not treated right away because mold growth can occur, dispersing its spores into the air. If they become inhaled, they can cause serious health effects.

This is why RestorationMaster treats every water damage case as an emergency. Our technicians are on call 24/7 to ensure that you are never alone during a time of emergency. They are also trained and experienced to provide the highest quality water cleanup services of the industry. This is done with the use of high-velocity air movers as well as dehumidifiers to remove all excess water from the affected materials and air. Within a few days all of your building materials will be completely dried and returned to their original conditions.

Our water damage specialists will provide the following:

  • Emergency Response
  • Initial inspection and estimate of the damage
  • 24/7/365 Availability
  • Flood Extraction and Dehumidification
  • Mold Removal
  • Application of Microbials
  • Controlled Demolition and Debris Removal
  • Reconstruction
  • Final inspection
  • Assistance with insurance claims

Flood Extraction Process:

  • Step 1: Emergency Response – RestorationMaster will arrive right away to assess all damaged materials.
  • Step 2: Water Cleanup and Drying Process: High-Velocity Air Movers and Dehumidifiers will be set up to remove all moisture from the floors, walls, and air (to prevent water damage on the ceiling).
  • Step 3: Cleaning and Reinstallation – Once dried, the materials will be properly cleaned and sanitized. All porous materials will be replaced and installed.

With a fast response, our technicians are able to successfully limit the spread of the damage, ultimately saving you money and time in the long run. We will also handle the insurance claims process to allow you to attend to other matters during the water restoration process. Finally, with our services, you can expect to have your home or building to provide a safe, dry environment for you and your family or staff once again.

Water Damage Mitigation – What to Do:

  • Call RestorationMaster right away for immediate water damage restoration.
  • Remove as much water as you can yourself through mopping or blot drying the affected areas.
  • Wipe down any wet furniture and upholstery with a dry towel.
  • Prop up any damp or soaked sofa cushions and pillows to enhance the drying process.
  • Hang up any paintings, pictures, or wall fixtures, in a safe, dry location.
  • Pack books tightly in the shelves to prevent any warping.
  • Increase the air circulation throughout the home by opening the windows, drawers, and cabinets.
  • Place any draperies, such as area rugs and curtains through a coat hanger for efficient drying.

Water Restoration – What NOT to Do:

  • Do not enter any room with severe structural or electrical damage.
  • Do not clean any mildew or mold growth yourself.
  • Do not remove any carpeting that is tacked down to the floor.
  • Do not try to extract any water with a household vacuum cleaner.

While water damage is very common, it is crucial to call water damage restoration services if the amount becomes overwhelming. If you discover any flood or water damage in your St. Charles, MO property, our technicians are always on call to arrive immediately and prevent the damage from spreading. With advanced cleaning products and equipment, you can finally have the peace of mind you deserve with a quality cleanup.

Flood Cleanup

RestorationMaster provides water damage cleanup services for both homes and businesses in the St. Charles, MO area. We also work with all insurances and will help coordinate payment with your insurance company.

RestorationMaster is available 24/7 to provide emergency water damage restoration services in the St. Charles, MO area at (636)492-3030.

Our water damage cleanup technicians are also available in:

Lincoln county, MO

St. Charles county, MO

St. Louis county, MO

Madison county, IL

Jersey county, IL

Monroe county, IL


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