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Tagged: carpet cleaning tips

Preserve the good condition of your area rugs with the help of our area rug cleaning tips.

Tips for Cleaning Area Rugs

Little furnishing and/or decorating tricks can make a big difference when you don’t have the time and the budget for an extensive home renovation project. Impressive curtains, quality lighting fixtures, strategically placed mirrors, house...

How to remove gum from your carpet

How to Remove Gum from Your Carpet

There’s nothing worse than stepping in gum – unless the gum happens to be stuck in your carpet. Before you lose your cool, try these tips for removing gum from carpet: Ice: Freezing gum...

Carpet Cleaning Tips

DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpets and rugs can be hard to clean when stained, but that may not be the case always. You might not need to call professional carpet cleaners, if you know how to handle things...