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Commercial Large Loss for Phoenix, AZ – RestorationMaster

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Fires, floods, storms, and other disasters can be powerful enough to cause significant damage to commercial properties, such as warehouses, retail stores, and office buildings. This amount of damage can be very costly for companies; the loss of product, restoration costs, and time out of business for restoration can add up.

If your business has been severely damaged, our restoration professionals are devoted to getting local businesses back up and running in an efficient, timely manner.

RestorationMaster helps offices and commercial buildings in Phoenix, AZ, with the commercial large loss restoration services we provide. We use advanced techniques and specialized equipment that can handle large scale damage in any kind of commercial setting.

Commercial Flood Damage Restoration

If it occurs in a warehouse or office near expensive equipment or products, indoor flooding can end up being especially destructive.

If electronics and machinery are exposed to excess water, then these items may become severely damaged. This excess water will also be absorbed by drywall, flooring, wood, and other porous building materials, causing structural damage.

Floodwater needs to be extracted from the property immediately; otherwise, it will continue to spread, causing damage to new areas and content.

RestorationMaster employs technicians who are well-trained and properly equipped to extract standing water from commercial properties. To do this, we use our advanced water extraction equipment.

Additionally, we remove moisture from damaged building materials, thoroughly drying them to prevent structural damage. Damaged electronics can be restored, too.

Our commercial flood damage restoration services include the following steps:

  • Emergency Response and Inspection: Immediately responding to your call, our technicians will limit the amount of damage your property suffers by containing it. Afterwards, we conduct a thorough inspection of the damaged property and develop a plan for restoration.
  • Water Extraction and Drying: Our technicians have the proper equipment to perform water extraction, and we have advanced drying equipment that will remove moisture from affected building materials.
  • Electronics Restoration: From computers to televisions, our technicians are able to restore electronic equipment that has been damaged by water. Additionally, we can also assist in recovering important documents and other files.
  • Structural Repairs: From walls to flooring, our technicians conduct structural repairs.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

If a commercial building is the site of a fire, then it will suffer serious damage. Any contents inside the property become damaged, too, as the fire spreads quickly.

Before you even worry about the damage suffered, you need to evacuate the building, and make sure everyone is safe and accounted for.

After the fire has been extinguished, then you must shift your focus to the building’s restoration. Immediate action is necessary in order to prevent worsened structural damage and possible permanent damage from soot and other corrosive byproducts.

At RestorationMaster, we provide effective fire damage restoration services that are capable of handling commercial properties with large-scale damage. Our technicians will rebuild and repair any structural damage and treat objects, materials, and surfaces that have been damaged by soot and other corrosive byproducts.

Our commercial fire damage restoration services include the following steps:

  • Emergency Response and Inspection: Once the fire department has left, we will arrive to your property to start our restoration services, beginning by limiting the damage.
  • Pre-Treatment of Soot and Corrosive Byproducts: Permanent etching, discoloration, and other damage can be done to surfaces and objects if affected by soot and other corrosive byproducts. To remove this damage, our technicians will use the correct chemical cleaners.
  • Electronics Restoration: Any smoke- and/or soot-damaged products can be restored.
  • Structural Repairs: To return your building to its previous condition, our technicians conduct repairs on any structural damage done by the fire.

Natural disasters can cause significant setbacks for businesses, and the setback can be even greater the longer you wait for restoration to be done.

Immediately contact RestorationMaster for our commercial disaster restoration services in Phoenix, AZ, if your business has suffered damage from a serious disaster, such as a fire or flood.

The technicians we employ are devoted to helping local businesses recover in the aftermath of a disaster.

For our emergency services, call us 24 hours a day at (480) 781 4836.