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Hard Surface Floor Cleaning for Middlesex County, NJ

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There are a wide variety of hard surface flooring types used in homes and commercial buildings because of their durability and availability in many different styles.  Hard surface floors are a great option for kitchens and bathrooms as well as high traffic areas in commercial buildings and they are easy to clean and maintain.  While most hard surface floors are durable, they are not invincible as dirt and debris can get stuck in the crevices and eventually wear out the finish, resulting in discoloration or stains.  ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete provides hard surface floor cleaning services to clean and restore hard surface floors in homes and commercial buildings in Monroe Township, East Brunswick, Woodbridge Township, and the surrounding communities of Middlesex County, NJ.  Our technicians use advanced cleaning products and equipment to remove all dirt and stains and restore the floor to its original appearance.

Residential Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning for Middlesex County, NJThroughout a home, you are likely to find several different types of hard surface floors such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile flooring.  Hard surface floors are normally installed in areas with higher foot traffic like hallways or in areas where they are needed for moisture resistance like kitchens and bathrooms.  Hard surface floors typically consist of panels or tiles and it is common for dirt and debris to slowly build up within the crevices and eventually cause damage to the floor.  As the debris builds up, it can cause the floor to look faded or stained and even damage the finish or adhesives that keep the floor together.  This debris cannot be removed by just mopping the floor, it takes professional cleaning services to clean and restore hard floors.

We can effectively remove debris the has built up in the crevices of hard surface flooring using advanced cleaning equipment and powerful cleaning products.  You will notice the following benefits with our hard surface floor cleaning services:

  • Restoration of the floor’s original appearance
  • Reduction of wear and tear
  • Repair of scuff marks, scratches, and other minor surface damage
  • Durable finish

Commercial Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Commercial buildings experience much more foot traffic on average than a home which is why they often contain hard surface floors.  Flooring types including hardwood, laminate, tile and others are used in many commercial settings from office buildings and retail stores to factories and warehouses.  It is important for businesses to keep these floors clean because they can affect the look of the space and the impression that people get of your business.  The high amount of foot traffic makes these floors susceptible to dirt buildup and surface damage and some businesses do not have an in-house staff that can properly maintain the floors.  Our technicians can clean and restore any hard surface flooring found in commercial buildings including wood, vinyl, marble, ceramic, tile and quarry floors.  We also offer regularly scheduled cleaning services to provide businesses with consistent maintenance.

You can expect the following from our commercial floor cleaning services:

  • Effective cleaning methods with advanced equipment
  • Improved slip resistance
  • Revitalized appearance and shine
  • Prolonged life

Hard surface flooring can look impressive when it is properly maintained and the best way to restore flooring that has become dirty or faded is with professional hard surface floor cleaning.  Contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete if your home or business in Middlesex County, NJ could benefit from professional cleaning services.  You can reach us at (732) 751-4004 to learn more about these services or to schedule an appointment.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete provides hard floor cleaning services for homes and businesses in Monroe Township, Perth Amboy, East Brunswick, New Brunswick, Metuchen, Edison, Old Bridge Township, Woodbridge Township, and Piscataway Township in Middlesex County, NJ.

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