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Smoke and Odor Mitigation in Denver, CO

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Natural disasters can produce a number of ghastly odors that can linger in properties for days and even weeks after the occurrence. Even after restoration, odors can persist within the walls and flooring. Home remedies won’t be enough to eliminate these powerful odor particles.

RestorationMaster provides professional smoke and odor mitigation services in the Denver, CO area to completely remove all traces of odors leftover from a natural disaster. Our technicians use advanced equipment and deodorization methods to remove the odor at its source, eliminating it completely.

Problems with Odors

Smoke and Odor Mitigation – Denver, COWhether caused by mold, fire, smoke, or water, odors from natural disasters are difficult to remove. They seep deep within porous building materials, including drywall, carpeting, and insulation, as well as the furnishings.

With the smoke and odor mitigation services provided by RestorationMaster, these odor particles will be eliminated. We use advanced technology, including hydroxyl machines, thermal fogging, ozone technology, Nano carbon technology as well as professional deodorization methods to eliminate the odor at its source.

RestorationMaster can remove all of the following odors:

  • Pet odors
  • Mold odors
  • Dead animal odors
  • Smoke and fire odors
  • Undetected biohazard odors

All of the following steps are included within our deodorization process:

  • Finding the source of the odor
  • Removal of the odor’s source
  • Treatment of structural elements
  • Treatment of all furnishings
  • Treatment of the air space
  • Air washing
  • Sealing of porous surfaces
  • Detailed documentation of the deodorization process

All of the following odors will be eliminated from these natural disasters and occurrences:

  • Water Damage: After flood damage, musty odors often permeate throughout the structure. Our equipment is designed to remove odors such as these.
  • Biohazards: Our deodorization technology will eliminate all traces of odors created by blood, sewage and other biohazard materials.
  • Fire and Smoke: Any lingering smoke odor will be removed with our effective process.

Living with a lingering odor from a natural disaster can be overwhelming, but you shouldn’t have to deal with it. RestorationMaster uses professional products and equipment within our deodorization process in Denver, CO to eliminate each odor particle at its source.

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For professional smoke and odor mitigation services in Denver, CO, contact RestorationMaster at (720) 706-8965.