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Sewage Backup Cleaning In Burbank, CA

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Extra water or flooding can create major damage at your home or business. However, the damage can be even more devastating if the water contains sewage. Sewage water causes more damage as it contains hazardous waste which can be absorbed by various materials. Another concern about sewage is health issues for those who get exposed to it. If your property has been affected by sewage, or it is flooded by contaminated water, make sure to stay away from the area and call the professionals for clean-up.

At RestorationMaster, we offer sewage backup cleaning to remove sewage water from homes and businesses in Burbank, CA. Our technicians will make sure that all contaminated water is removed, and all affected areas are cleaned and disinfected.

Damage Caused by Sewage

Sewage water at your property can cause permanent damage to the affected areas and materials. It is also a health hazard for inhabitants of the property. Building materials that absorb sewage water contaminated with harmful bacteria typically experience permanent damage. Therefore, you should call the sewage cleanup professionals right away to prevent permanent damage to your property.

Sewage water can cause major health issues as there are various bacteria, viruses, and parasites within the contaminated water. Those who are exposed to it can contract various diseases and infections. It is crucial to stay away from any sewage contaminated water to avoid the risk of disease.

Professional Sewage Cleaning

Our professionals are trained, IICRC certified, and have the proper equipment and methods to remove all sewage water from your property. We will then treat any affected areas and materials with special disinfectants and get rid of any dangerous substances that may have been contained within the contaminated water.

During sewage cleaning, we follow these steps:

  • Removal of all sewage water
  • Removal of all permanently damaged materials and objects
  • Clean and disinfect all affected areas and materials
  • Repair and restore all damaged areas and materials

Sewage Cleanup from RestorationMaster

If you notice sewage water at your home or property, make sure to reach out to RestorationMaster. We will get rid of the sewage water and