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Water Damage Restoration in Bridgeview, IL

(630) 528-2865

Water might not look that harmful at first glance, but it has the power to completely damage a property. Even resilient building materials eventually succumb to water damage and can become structurally weak. Water sinks into the porous building materials and damages them from within, which is why it must be cleared quickly. At Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration, we have a team of water damage restoration experts who can easily handle all kinds of problems and ensure that your property in Bridgeview, IL is clean, safe, and undamaged.

Water Damage Restoration- HydroForce Cleaning & Restoration

We Respond Quickly

We always treat water damage cases as urgent and respond quickly to your calls. If water and moisture is allowed to linger for too long, it can weaken walls, floors, and other such features on your property and encourage mold growth. We have a fixed emergency line that’s open 24/7 so you can call us as soon as you spot the problem. We’ll respond promptly regardless of the time of day and arrive at your location within 2 hours.

What Do We Do?

Our goal is to remove the water and restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. We approach each project methodically and make sure the problem is resolved completely before we consider our job done. Here’s what we do when we arrive at your location:

  • Extracting Water – Our first step is to minimize the damage by removing the water quickly. We use specialized machines to drain the water away from the flooded room. We also remove water from areas that are often ignored, like air spaces.
  • Drying – Once all the standing water is clear, we focus on drying the area completely and removing excess moisture. We use industrial strength dehumidifiers to remove all traces of moisture, especially in areas like basements that are away from fresh air and sunlight.
  • Preventing Mold and Mildew – Mold and mildew are common after floods and water damage. We use antimicrobial agents to discourage mold and any pathogens that might be in standing water.
  • Damage Assessment and Documentation – After the area is free of moisture and water, we will assess and document the damage carefully before we start the water damage restoration.


Water Damage Repair – What to Do

  • Call Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration right away to limit the spread of the damage.
  • Mop up or blot dry as much water as you can yourself.
  • Remove any photos, paintings, or artistic objects from the damaged walls and into a safe, dry location.
  • Wipe down furniture, propping up any wet cushions for even drying.
  • Place a piece of aluminum foil underneath furniture legs to prevent the water from traveling up.
  • Leave any books in their shelves. Pack them tightly.
  • Allow for proper air circulation through the home or building to enhance drying.
  • Lift any draperies, such as blinds, curtains, or bed skirts from the floor. Place on a coat hanger to dry.

Flood Cleanup – What to Avoid

  • Do not enter any room with standing water or severe electrical or structural damage.
  • Do not touch any visible mold.
  • Do not try to remove anything that is tacked down to the floor.
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner to soak up any water.

Water Damage Repair Equipment - HydroForce Cleaning & Restoration

Available 24/7 for Water Damage Restoration in Bridgeview, IL

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration, if you find water damage in your home or business in Bridgeview, IL. Our technicians are properly trained and equipped to ensure that the water is removed and that the affected areas are dry. Just give us a call at (630) 528-2865 for emergency water restoration assistance.

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Water Damage Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Does water damage ever go away?

Depending on how extensive is the water damage, it may dry out in a few weeks or it may get even worse leading to cracks, leaks, and collapses. If the water damage dries out on its own without proper restoration, it will leave water rings, water discoloration, and even mold growth.

Does water damage get worse over time?

Water damage can get worse depending on the situation. If you located the source of moisture and stopped it in time before the water penetrated into your house’s structural integrity, a simple thorough dry-out may remediate the damages. However, most of the time, the water absorbs and spreads quickly through the wall, wood, carpet, etc. causing major damages that would jeopardize the stability and safety of your house. The best action is to call a professional water damage cleanup team for careful inspection and dehumidification.

What not to do after water damage?

  • Do not use your vacuum cleaner to remove standing water
  • Do not place any newspaper on the floor
  • Do not enter any room with electrical or structural damage
  • Do not lift up any carpeting that is tacked down
  • Do not try to dry it out yourself instead of calling a water damage removal technician

Recent Reviews

Review by Carlos Casanova
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"This company goes the extra mile in helping customers in difficult circumstances. When my home basement had flooding problems, Hydroforce responded quickly and worked with me on financial constraints. I certainly recommend this company for honest and accurate work done well."

Review by Daniel Joseph Izaguirre
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"Great company to do buisness with i recommmend hydroforce"

Review by Jessica Carroll
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"Joe responded so quickly and provide a quick turnaround time with our water damage. His team was great, provided great service, and explained everything that needed to be done. Highly recommended!"

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