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Fire Damage Restoration in Beaverton, OR 97006



There’s no real way to prepare for a fire, only to react to it. The most important thing to do in case of fire is to get everyone out immediately. Don’t stop to grab anything or call 911; call from a nearby home or business. It’s also important to remember the damage from a fire doesn’t stop once the flames are extinguished; smoke travels a good distance and that smell is hard to remove without expert help.

Toxic fumes from burning synthetics and from chemicals used in fighting the fire can etch and tarnish common household surfaces like aluminum, porcelain and chrome. If the damage isn’t treated quickly, it can become permanent within days.

RestorationMaster provides high quality fire and smoke damage restoration services to residential and commercial clients in Beaverton, OR and surrounding areas.

Fire of buildings and carsDamage Caused by Soot and Smoke

Flames aren’t the only danger to your home or business and its contents during a fire. Chemicals from burning synthetics create toxic fumes that spread throughout the building, getting into places the fire didn’t touch.  The chemicals used to fight the fire can also leave toxic byproducts that spread beyond the fire scene. These fumes, along with soot from the fire, tarnish and corrode household surfaces. This damage becomes permanent within days if not restored.

Professional Fire Damage Cleanup

Our technicians use the most effective cleaning products and equipment in the industry to provide effective fire and smoke damage restoration services in restoring your home or business.

Personal possessions and furnishings suffer damage from fires and toxic fumes too. The fire and smoke damage restoration technicians at RestorationMaster will clean and restore items on site, but if the building isn’t secure, we will carefully inventory and pack-out your belongings before taking them to our climate controlled facility. We’ll clean, restore and deodorize them safely, then store them until your home is ready for them.

Cleaning Homes and Buildings from Fire and Soot

Smoke often does the most damage in a fire situation as the thick clouds spread far, both inside and outside the home. That smell is difficult to remove from furnishings, drywall and other building materials. But RestorationMaster has the products, equipment and training to remove the most stubborn smoke smells from your home or business.

Fire Damage Repair – What to Do

  • Call RestorationMaster right away for immediate fire damage restoration.
  • As corrosive byproducts can cause etching and tarnishing to any affected materials in 72 hours, call for professional help right away.
  • If the temperature exceeds 60 degrees Farenheit, air out the home or building as much as possible to remove any traces of smoke.
  • Start the cleaning for any materials made of: Formica, chrome, porcelain, and aluminum to avoid permanent tarnishing and etching.
  • Change any air filter on your furnace if it uses hot air.
  • Cover damp cheesecloth over returns and supply registers in order to capture floating soot in the air.
  • Discard any open containers holding food.
  • If the power is turned off, clean out the fridge of any food and leftovers while leaving the doors propped open for air ventilation.
  • Deliver any clothing affected by soot and/or smoke to the dry cleaners for immediate restoration cleaning.

Fire Restoration – What NOT to Do

  • Avoid touching any materials without gloves. Oil from your hands can soak into upholstery, porous building materials, or other woodwork, causing additional damage.
  • Do not attempt to wash any walls yourself until the professionals have arrived. Using the improper procedure could only rub in the residue from the soot.
  • Do not try to clean any carpeting or upholstered household objects.
  • Do not plug in any electrical machines until having them properly checked by the fire damage technicians.
  • Do not turn on any ceiling fans or other fixtures if the ceiling is wet from the hose water.

If you experience a fire in Beaverton, OR or surrounding area, call the professionals at RestorationMaster (503) 376-6666 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as soon as the flames are out. We’ll arrive quickly to assess the situation, limit the spread of the damage, and begin the fire and smoke damage restoration process.