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Carpet Cleaning Services in Beaverton, OR 97006



When one enters a home or office, carpet is one of the first furnishings noticed.  If your carpet is in good condition, it enhances the appearance of the room or office; however, a worn or faded carpet can cause the entire space to feel dirty.  That is why it is important to keep your carpet clean not only to maintain its condition, but saving money in the future to avoid replacing it.

RestorationMaster provides professional carpet cleaning services for homes and businesses in Beaverton, OR to effectively deep clean all types of carpeting.  We thoroughly remove stains and embedded debris with our advanced methods and cleaning equipment.

Preventing Damaged and Dirty Carpets

Your carpet consistently gathers dirt and debris from daily foot traffic which makes it important to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once per year.  As more debris gather deep within the carpet fibers, it causes fading and discoloration beyond normal wear and tear.  You can prevent excessive buildup by vacuuming regularly; however, vacuuming alone will not remove everything.

Hot Water Extraction

Our carpet cleaning technicians at RestorationMaster are trained and equipped to clean and restore any type of carpeting found in homes and commercial buildings.  We use the hot water extraction method in which a solution of mild detergent and hot water is injected directly into the carpet using a cleaning wand.  We immediately extract the solution and loosened debris back out with the same cleaning wand that sends the solution to a holding tank for off-site disposal.  It only takes several hours to complete the carpet cleaning process and you can expect your carpet to be dry and residue-free in just 24 hours.

The following steps are included in our carpet cleaning services:

  • Complete assessment of the carpet to decide on the appropriate cleaning method
  • Vacuuming of the carpet to remove loose soil
  • Spot and stain pre-treatment
  • Pre-spray to loosen debris
  • Complete cleaning with the hot water extraction method
  • Stain post-treatment
  • Fiber grooming to assist in the drying process and improve appearance
  • Final inspection with you to ensure your satisfaction

A dirty carpet in your home or office can cause the wrong impression by diminishing the appearance of the entire space.

Keep your carpet and your home or office looking its best with our professional carpet cleaning services by calling (503) 376-6666. Here you can learn more about our carpet cleaning services in Beaverton, OR.