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Damage that occurs to the property and equipment of businesses can severely impact costs because of the funds needed to restore everything, as well as the time that is lost due to the inability to operate at full capacity. We fully understand this here at RestorationMaster, and provide full commercial restoration services to businesses in the Beaverton, OR, area as a result. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist companies based on our vast experience in a variety of disaster scenarios, our extensively trained technicians, and our proven methodologies.

Whether your site has experienced damage from fire, smoke, water, mold, or something else along these lines, we are more than happy to help. As a business ourselves, we fully understand that time is of the essence, but so too is a quality result. These two points form the basis of our disaster restoration services.

Our Approach to Commercial Restoration

One of the primary ways that RestorationMaster stands out from other restoration and reconstruction services providers is the fact that we can be your sole source of contact throughout the entirety of the project while still providing industry-best results. This means that we supply highly experienced and trusted project management to oversee all aspects of your property’s restoration. Even details such as permit acquisition, assistance with insurance claims, and quality control inspections are handled by us. We do this to make the restoration process as painless for you as possible.

While working diligently and being your single point of contact save you both time and money, providing quality services does, as well. When property damage is sustained, you are left with an ideal opportunity to upgrade your building, furnishings, and equipment. This capitalizes on already lost time, and eliminates the need to replace old or failing items in the future.

We Focus on Health and Safety

Another area that our RestorationMaster methodologies focus on is the health of your employees, clients, tenants, and business partners. Sanitary work environments and clean air spaces are proven to help with productivity. This is because accidents, infections, and other health complications are less likely to occur. We do our part by leaving your property as clean as possible when we complete our work. One way you can contribute to this factor is by efficiently evacuating personnel in a safe manner when disasters occur, and keeping them away from the damaged site until it is fully repaired.

If you would like to utilize our commercial disaster restoration services, simply contact our RestorationMaster representatives at (503) 376-6666. We are available by phone 24 hours a day, and respond to emergencies as swiftly as possible. We service companies in the Beaverton, OR, area, and look forward to earning your trust.