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Hoarding Cleanup in Arvada, CO

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Hoarding is a severe mental disorder that affects thousands of Americans. The behaviors associated with hoarding are symptoms of anxiety which makes it difficult for those affected to throw anything away. Hoarded items can involve newspapers, trash, and even animals. Over time, the clutter of items will grow to cause a dangerous living environment for the affected individual and others on the property. The hazards can include mold and bacteria growth, blocked exits, and even pest infestations.

RestorationMaster provides hoarding cleaning services that are perfected to help individuals successfully restore their home to a safe living condition. Our technicians make use of professional cleaning products and equipment while taking a compassionate approach to the individual’s situation as we understand that this can be a sensitive time for them.

Experienced Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup – Arvada, CO

Hoarder home packed with stored boxes, vintage electronics, files, business equipment and household items.

Our technicians understand that it’s very important to establish a strong relationship with the individual before starting the cleaning process. We ensure to treat them with compassion and respect as well as involve them and their family in the cleaning process, giving them the final say as to what is thrown away.

When removing unneeded items, our technicians will remove all dirt and trash before effectively cleaning the home with advanced cleaning products. We can also remove any mold or biohazards that may have resulted over time.

RestorationMaster also abides by all regulations set in place by OSHA, EPA, and the Department of Transportation.

All of the following are included within our hoarding cleaning services:

  • Decontamination: Our professionals will remove any and all debris, mold, biohazards, etc. from the property to restore it to a safe and healthy living condition.
  • Deodorization: Any lingering odors will be effectively removed using powerful technology.
  • Proper Disposal: Any and all unwanted items will be transported to be thrown away, donated, or disposed of properly.

If you have a loved one that struggles with hoarding, it’s important to help them right away, but on their terms. They must understand that a hoarder’s situation will only become more dangerous over time. Once the agree to proceed with the cleaning, call our technicians to start the cleaning process.

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RestorationMaster is available at (720) 706-8965 in the Arvada, CO area to provide professional hoarding cleaning services.