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Fire Damage Restoration in Tehachapi, CA, 93561


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Fires are devastating disasters because they put lives at risk and cause serious damage to homes and buildings. Fires can start anytime and spread quickly throughout the property, causing significant damage to any affected areas. Your priority should be to evacuate and call the fire department, but once the flames are put out, focus on getting restoration services. Soot, smoke, residue, and other corrosive byproducts linger even after the fire is out and cause damage to the building until properly removed.

Emergency Board-up and Fire Damage Restoration in Tehachapi, CARestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration services for homes and businesses in Tehachapi, CA, and the surrounding areas of Kern County. Our professionals will stabilize the building and restore materials and objects damaged by soot and smoke.

Damage Caused by Fire and Smoke

Fire causes significant damage to structural elements and furnishings of the property and the burning of synthetic materials creates corrosive byproducts. Smoke, soot, and residue are among these byproducts and will continue to damage the property even after the fire is out. Materials and objects affected by residue, smoke, and soot may experience etching, rotting, and discoloration. These effects may become permanent without proper restoration services.

Our technicians possess the proper cleaning products to remove these effects from a variety of household materials like chrome, tile, brass, aluminum, porcelain, upholstery, and carpeting.

Fire Restoration in Tehachapi, CA

Our trained technicians at RestorationMaster can restore damage caused by fire, soot, and smoke. We will stabilize the building and clean areas affected by soot and smoke. We will remove the effects of soot and smoke from household surfaces like tile, porcelain, aluminum, marble, chrome, carpeting, and upholstery with our advanced chemical cleaners.

Our fire and smoke damage repair services include:

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Call RestorationMaster at (661) 232-0021 for emergency fire and smoke damage repair services in the Tehachapi, CA, area.

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