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Water Damage Restoration in Stafford, VA


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Excess water is often the cause of property damage due to the sheer amount of potential sources. Everything from manmade causes like leaks, overflows and sewage backups to natural causes including rain and flooding are all sources of property disasters. Without quick action from a disaster restoration crew, the water will spread throughout the property and cause long-term damage and even mold growth.

RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration in Stafford, VA, and the surrounding areas to fully extract standing water and dry out the remaining areas.

Our water restoration professionals are available 24/7 to answer your first call and will arrive onsite with all equipment and products needed to start the water restoration service. We will also apply anti-microbial to prevent potential mold growth.

If the water on your property contains sewage, our RestorationMaster team is equipped to handle complete sewage cleanup as well.

Types of Water Damage in Stafford, VA

While there is a lot you can do to prevent water damage in your home, it’s important to understand how water can ruin a property.

Even in small amounts, water can quickly spread if not addressed right away. Porous materials like wood, insulation, flooring and drywall are especially at risk as they easily absorb water.

This not only promotes the spread of water but also puts porous materials at risk for mold growth and permanent damage. As they absorb more water, they will become weak, warped, and stained, resulting in structural damage.

The biggest problem for everyone is the threat of mold growth as it only takes 24 hours for it to grow. Once it starts, it will spread, causing structural damage and even negative health effects. Without fast water restoration, you may need mold remediation services as well.

Water Damage Restoration in Stafford, VA

If you find standing water in your basement, a flood in the kitchen, a leaking pipe, or if rainwater has gotten into areas in your home or business, you can help mitigate damage before water restoration professionals arrive

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No matter how little water there appears to be, treat all cases of discovered water as an emergency. The quicker you call for water damage restoration, the more can be salvaged and saved by professional water restoration methods.

Contact RestorationMaster at (540) 666-6578 for immediate response water restoration services in Stafford, VA.

Water Restoration in Stafford, VA

As soon as you call RestorationMaster for water damage restoration, we will be on our way to prevent the spread of damage and absorb excess water. Our water damage restoration professionals use extraction and drying equipment to quickly prevent the spread of damage, especially from affected building materials and furnishings.

We are ready to take on water restoration projects of all sizes, regardless of the amount of water invading the property.

Our water damage restoration in Stafford, VA includes the following:

  • Emergency response: We are available 24/7 to respond to all water damage restoration emergencies and prevent the water from spreading. We will also identify and remove the source to prevent the water from spreading.
  • Water extraction and drying process: Our water restoration crews will use water extraction equipment to remove all standing water while our dehumidifiers and advanced drying methods remove the remaining moisture from the affected building materials and air spaces.
  • Cleaning and restoration: Structural repairs will be made for permanently damaged building materials and anti-microbials will be applied to inhibit mold growth.
  • Content cleaning: Personal items are professionally dried, cleaned, and restored through professional fabric restoration techniques.

Contact us for Free Estimate Water Damage Restoration in Stafford, VA

RestorationMaster is IICRC certified. Don’t hesitate to contact RestorationMaster at (540) 666-6578 for emergency water damage restoration services in the Stafford, VA area.

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