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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Seattle, WA


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Hoarding affects millions of individuals every year. The affected individual will acquire a strong personal bond with objects while refusing to part with them. This psychological disorder can make it difficult for the individual to seek assistance. Often, it starts out as a small collection and can quickly turn into a large abundance within months. The objects may be anything from knick knacks and papers to animals and pets. This can result in a variety of hazards or situations that may be a danger to the individual. Large piles of objects may block ventilation systems and cause a fire hazard. Unseen spills may cause mold and mildew to grow, which can be a health hazard for those with asthma or breathing problems. Certain objects can block walkways, causing the individual to trip. However, RestorationMaster understands the concern for your loved ones while ensuring the wellbeing of the individual. We will assess all aspects of the property, addressing any concerns along with creating a plan to return the home to a safe environment once again.

Hoarding Cleaning Services

RestorationMaster offers hoarding cleaning services in Seattle, WA to bring peace of mind to those affected by hoarding. Our staff provides special care to respectfully handle hoarding cleaning of all levels: from complete sanitization to the removal of biohazardous material. Finally, our company uses advanced technology to provide a thorough cleanup for your loved ones’ property.
Hoarding is a painful experience that requires the utmost care for health and safety. Hidden hazards could be lurking and need to be handled appropriately. Biohazardous materials including animal waste, bodily fluids, or spilled chemicals need to be sanitized precisely to avoid additional health issues. Because safety for everyone is our top priority, effective cleaning equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) is used for all of our projects. We take extreme care to follow the rules and regulations within the EPA, OSHA, and the Department of Transportation. Finally, as the affected individual holds a strong bond with the hoarded items, we take a compassionate approach to the situation.

Our hoarding cleaning services include the following:

• Save valuables such as money, jewelry, and photographs
• Dispose of unwanted waste and clutter
• Help decide what should be kept, thrown away, recycled, or donated
• Distribute kept items to friends and family members
• Assist with paperwork from trusts, attorneys, and government agencies

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Hoarding can be an overwhelming situation for everyone involved. However, we take pride in our efforts to establish a genuine connection with the affected individual before beginning any cleaning process. This helps them overcome their anxiety during the process while providing a smoother transition for those involved. With that, extra measures are taken to ensure your loved ones and their belongings are handled with respect.

RestorationMaster is available 24/7 at (888) 915-7197 for all professional hoarding cleanup services in the Seattle, WA area.

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