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Disaster Restoration And Cleaning Services In Seattle, WA

Elements Restoration 

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Water Damage-Restoration-in-Seattle-WA.jpgWater Damage Restoration and Flood Restoration – Seattle, WA

Water damage can happen in a home or building that can be caused by numerous sources. These may typically include leaking pipes and other fixtures, heavy rain, flooding, and excess humidity.  But it is important to act fast once you discover water damage as it will spread to the structural elements and furnishings of your home if ignored. However, Elements Restoration provides water damage restoration services in the Seattle, WA area to remove excess water from homes and businesses while repairing the resulting damage.  Reacting quickly to the first signs of water damage will also help save you time and money on the restoration process.

Seattle, WA fire damage restorationFire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Seattle, WA

The potential for a fire should never be taken lightly as it can be caused by a number of factors, quickly causing additional damage.  Even after the fire is extinguished, the smoke and soot will continue to settle throughout the home, causing more damage that will eventually become permanent. However, Elements Restoration provides fire and smoke damage restoration services in Seattle, WA to help homes and businesses recover from a fire.  We have the training and right equipment to effectively clean and restore damaged structural elements, furnishings, electronics, and art.

mold restoration servicemaster for seattle waMold Remediation – Seattle, WA

Mold growth is a consistent threat as mold spores are always present in the air. But if left untreated, it will turn into the mold after finding a moisture and food source such as wood or drywall.  Mold can spread once it starts growing; furthermore, it can lead to extensive structural damage to the home if not removed immediately. This then poses the risk for severe allergies and infections to others living in the home. However, Elements Restoration provides mold remediation services in Seattle, WA to remove mold growth from homes and commercial buildings.  Therefore, mold removal is best performed by professionals as we respond within 2-4 hours of your call to immediately begin the remediation process.

gross and filth cleaning servicemaster for seattle, waGross Filth Cleaning – Seattle, WA

Cleaning out your home regularly is not only beneficial for maintaining its appearance, but for contributing to a healthier environment.  Furthermore, if you do not adequately clean your home on a regular basis, mold, bacteria, and other harmful substances can form and threaten the health and safety of your family. However,  Elements Restoration provides gross filth cleaning to homes in Seattle, WA to remove harmful substances in which make your home unsanitary.  But we will clean all cases of gross filth caused by negligence or hoarding while restoring your home to a clean and healthy environment once again.

Content Cleaning and Pack Out Services in Seattle, WAContent Cleaning and Pack Out – Seattle, WA

The damage caused by a natural disaster is usually pervasive and results in damage to the structural elements of your home as well as your personal items.  Facing the damage to your personal items can therefore be overwhelming and may leave you wondering what to do next.  Elements Restoration provides content cleaning and pack out services in Seattle, WA as part of our disaster restoration to clean and restore these items.  We will effectively clean and restore your content on-site or provide pack out services. In this case, they will be safely delivered to our facility for cleaning if your home is in an unstable condition.

Storm Damage Restoration in Seattle, WAStorm Damage Repair – Seattle, WA

Avoiding a severe rainstorm is nearly impossible in Seattle, WA; therefore, it may be difficult to determine if it will be strong enough to cause property damage.  Rain, wind, hail, and thunderstorms are all common to the Seattle, WA area as they can each cause different degrees of property damage. However,  Elements Restoration provides storm and hail damage repair services in Seattle, WA to repair homes and businesses that have been damaged due to severe weather.  Our technicians will then ensure your home or building is stabilized before repairing the structural damage.

Hoarding-Cleanup-Seattle-WaHoarding Cleaning – Seattle, WA

There are millions of Americans who are affected by hoarding as the consequences of hoarding behaviors can be dangerous for those that hoard and their families.  Hoarding is classified as a mental disorder because high anxiety makes it difficult for those affected to throw anything away, leading to a buildup of hoarded items in the home.  These items dangerously clutter the home, increasing the risk of injury or fires. They may also harbor mold or bacteria growth that can lead to health effects. However, Elements Restoration provides hoarding cleaning services to clean and restore hoarders’ homes in Seattle, WA.  We can thoroughly clean and disinfect homes affected by hoarding. We also make sure to include the affected individual in the planning and cleaning process.

asbestos testing and removal company in Olympia, WAAsbestos Removal – Seattle, WA

Since the 1960s, asbestos has been used in the production of fibro cement roofing sheets and is considered a cheap, durable, and easy to manufacture and use roofing material. Asbestos is also widely used to produce fireproof, soundproof, and heat-insulating materials used in construction, shipbuilding, submarines, making covers for high-temperature equipment (boilers, etc.) kilns), underground pipelines.  However, exposure to asbestos increases the risk of lung-related diseases, carcinoma, and larynx. If you find your building has asbestos, reach out to Elements Restoration immediately for professional Asbestos Removal in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas.

Contact Us Elements Restoration for 24/7 Restoration Services

If your home or building experiences water, fire damage, mold, and mildew growth in Seattle, WA, you need to get in touch with restoration experts at Elements Restoration right away.  Our IICRC certified and trained technicians will arrive instantly to respond to your emergencies on a 24/7 basis.

For reliable disaster restoration services in Seattle, WA, call our 24-hour hotline anytime at (253) 470-2401.

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Review by Wyatt James
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"Quality work, very respectful, easy to get ahold of"

Review by Carol Hildebrand
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"We had a water leak in our home and we immediately had a plumber come out to fix it quick. Our plumber suggested we call Sara at Elements Restoration as she would come out quickly and let us know if the damage warranted a homeowners claim or not as the water ran into two rooms in our basement. Sara and Tori were out hours later..not kidding! They would've been sooner but I forgot I had a Zoom meeting so asked her to come later. They checked our home thoroughly and broke the news that this was a bit more damage that what we had thought and advised us to contact our homeowners insurance. We did that and our adjuster said he'd worked with Elements before and trusted their work and gave the go ahead to start demoing our kitchen and two rooms downstairs to find the extent of the damage without having to come out in this Covid world we live in. We had the pleasure of having Dennis and Andrew as our crew and I can't say enough good things about these two. Not only were they professional, courteous, considerate, but they did a great job and were so good putting up with me as I stuck my nose in to see how much of my home was getting ripped up and what kind of damage they found. We also had a bit of a hiccup with our HVAC company as they needed to pull our furnace and water heater and they were holding up progress but Dennis was so patient and actually spoke to them for me to explain what he needed done. They kept me informed every step of the way and truly were a pleasure to have in our home. The only downside is that they can't do our entire job as they aren't remodeling contractors! I give this company and their staff 10 stars out of 5...they are just that good! AND the bonus of supporting small local business was another huge plus for us! Thank you Sara, Andrew and Dennis...you are the best and I will recommend your company to anyone who needs a restoration company! You made an unpleasant situation more than bearable and did an incredible job keep us informed of the process every step of the way! Thank you for everything you do!!"