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Water Damage Restoration – Roxborough Park, CO

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Excess water and moisture can create major damage to your home or property. Usually, excess water is caused by natural disasters such as floods and rain or due to leaky appliances, burst pipes, or sewage backups. When this type of damage happens, you should react quickly to stop further damage. This means that you should call the professionals to make sure that they dry, disinfect, and restore all the affected areas back to their original state. This helps ensure that materials do not get soaked with water further and that bacteria and mold does start growing on moist surfaces.

RestorationMaster offers water damage restoration services in Roxborough Park, CO. Our highly skilled technicians remove any extra water with our innovative methods and then clean and restore all the affected areas.

water-damage-restoration-Roxborough Park, COIssues from Water Damage

Whenever a property has been affected by flooding or excess moisture, the moisture can cause major damage to the affected materials and can even cause damage to the structure of the property. Absorbing water leads to warping and rusting and can quickly spread damage to all porous surfaces. The areas that are usually most affected are carpeting, wood, flooring, and drywall as they are porous and absorb water quickly. It takes only two days for mold to grow on porous surfaces if the damage to them is not addressed.

The highly trained technicians at RestorationMaster are trained to assess your property and stop the water from spreading to cause further damage. We get rid of the excess water with our innovative methods and restore any affected materials to their previous state.

Our water damage restoration service follows this process:

  • Initial Assessment: We assess the level of damage at your property and locate the cause of excess water and moisture. Then, we dry out and restore the damaged areas.
  • Advanced Equipment: We use high-tech dehumidification and water removal equipment to ensure we remove all water and extra moisture from your property.
  • Thorough Drying: Our top-notch dehumidifiers and equipment for drying gets rid of moisture from all affected materials including furnishings and building materials.
  • Deodorization: We get rid of any bad odors leftover from flooding and remove mold growth.

Water damage at your home or property can be stressful and costly. That is why our technicians at RestorationMaster are trained to help you with all your water damage restoration needs. We react right away and ensure that no further damage is done. If you need water damage restoration in the Roxborough Park, CO area, make sure to reach out to us right away. We will help you quickly and ensure that the job is done right. We will even help with filing your insurance claim.

Call us 24/7 at  (720) 706-8965 for emergency water damage restoration.