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Mold Remediation Services for Roxborough Park, CO

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Encountering mold at your home or business can cause a lot of stress as it is a costly issue. Mold can cause serious damage to affected building materials and those who are on the property can experience health problems if the mold is not dealt with. Mold often grows due to moisture from excess water, and it spreads quickly to porous materials. It is best to have it removed by professionals.

RestorationMaster offers mold remediation services in the Roxborough Park, CO area. Our technicians remove mold from all affected areas, and we will clean, disinfect, and repair these areas back to their original state. We will also take steps to prevent the mold from returning.

mold-remediation-Roxborough Park, CODamage Caused by Mold

Mold is a dangerous presence in homes and buildings because of the amount of damage it causes. Mold takes hold on building materials that contain cellulose, like wood and drywall, and it eats away at these materials which can lead to major structural damage.

In addition to property damage, mold can lead to negative health effects for those within the home or building. Exposure to mold can cause allergic reactions like coughing, nasal congestion, skin irritation, itchy eyes and throat, and headaches. More serious health effects like respiratory infections may occur with long-term exposure.

Mold Removal Process

RestorationMaster technicians have been certified and trained to deal with mold in homes and businesses. We use the proper equipment to find where the mold may be hiding. By using top-notch cleaning products and methods, we fully get rid of the mold and work with your insurance to process the claim.

We follow the below mold remediation process:

  • Evaluation of mold type and the damage caused by it
  • Evaluation sent to customer’s insurance
  • Containing and isolating mold
  • Creation of a full plan to get rid of mold based on the evaluation and type of mold
  • Full removal of mold and restoration of all affected items and materials

If you need mold remediation services and you are in the Roxborough Park, CO area, call us right away and we can help get rid of mold from your home or business quickly. Call us today at (720) 706-8965 to learn more about our mold remediation services. We are glad to help!