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Tagged: Fire Safety Tips


6 Fire Safety Tips for Babysitters

Children are known to get into sticky messes, some of which can lead to disastrous home fires. Babysitters are responsible for the safety and well-being of the children in their care. Every sitter should...


How Smoke and Fire Affect Electronics

Whether extremely mild or blazing with intensity, fires and the resulting smoke are damaging to electrical components. Wispy smolders stream into the environment from cigarettes or cooking; and massive smoke and fire damage can...

Safety Tips for Lithium Ion Batteries

Whether you realize it or not, lithium batteries are a big part of your life. So many things that we use every day such as cell phones, e-cigarettes, laptops, smoke detectors, and children’s toys are powered by a lithium ion battery. It is important to be aware of the potential dangers of lithium ion batteries and follow good battery safety tips to prevent fires or explosions.

Fire Safety Tips for Homes Affected by Hoarding

Extreme clutter not only increases the risk of a fire, but also allows fires to spread quickly which can result in devastating damage and even put the lives of those in the home in danger. If you know someone who is affected by hoarding, it is important to help the affected individual understand the risk of a fire and take certain actions in the name of fire safety.