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Tagged: Fire Safety Tips

Fire Hazards in the Fall – How to Protect Your Property

In this guide, we will help you understand fall fire hazards, how to prepare your property for fall, do the proper fire-resistant home maintenance, how to practice safe outdoor practices, properly use fire safety equipment, how to prepare your family for an emergency, and to have your insurance and documentation ready in case an emergency happens.

Avoid House Fires in the Spring and Summertime

Following these spring and summer fire safety tips will help ensure that your summer festivities stay safe. Take the time to review basic fire safety tips with your family and have a fire escape plan so that everyone can make it out safely in case of a fire.

apartment fire

Fire Safety Tips for Apartment Buildings

The U.S. Fire Administration states that there are over 105,000 residential fires in multi-unit properties every year. It is important to understand why these fires happen, how to protect yourself and ensure your safety, and what you can do as a resident to prevent fires in your apartment building.


Devices That Help Prevent Electrical Fires

To protect your property, there are practical steps you can take and devices you can invest in that are designed to help prevent and contain potential electrical fires. By proactively equipping your home with these items, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve taken important steps to safeguard your property and your family from potentially hazardous conditions.

Safety Tips for Using Holiday Lights

Holiday lights are a major fire risk indoors and outdoors and they must be put up properly to help reduce this risk.  The following tips will help you safely put up your holiday lights to create an impressive display.

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