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Mold Remediation in Pequannock Township, NJ

Superior Restoration Services

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Mold will gradually eat away at ceilings, drywall, flooring, and other surfaces throughout a property if not dealt with effectively. Mold growth can even return after cleanup if professional services aren’t involved from a certified mold specialist. It’s best to contact a home remediation service for the most effective removal of mold on a property.

Mold is dangerous for your health and can cause serious health problems. You should take mold problems seriously and call for professional help to get the mold removal process.

Superior Restoration Services provides mold removal and remediation in Pequannock Township, NJ. We are an IICRC-certified mold removal firm and are available 24/7 to respond to cases of mold abatement. Our mold specialists are equipped with infrared technology to locate all traces of mold on your property. We will then contain the mold and treat the affected areas with anti-microbial cleaning applications. All mold will be eliminated and our removal methods will prevent growth from returning.


You can expect the following steps as part of our mold remediation services in Pequannock Township, NJ:

  • Our mold cleanup teams are available 24/7 to respond to discovered cases of mold growth
  • We will find all traces of mold on the property with infrared technology to ensure nothing is left behind
  • Superior Restoration Services will create a mold remediation plan to share with you for transparency
  • Areas affected by the mold will be isolated and any damaged items will be removed for restoration
  • All surfaces and building materials will be cleaned with EPA-grade disinfectants
  • An evaluation of your HVAC system will be performed if necessary
  • A third party will inspect and confirm the property is free of mold after the project is finished

Contact Us for Mold Removal and Remediation in Pequannock, NJ

If you discover mold on your property, there is very likely more hidden elsewhere. This is especially true after an event of water damage, as increased moisture levels will contribute to mold growth.

It’s best to contact a professional mold removal service to avoid structural damage and even respiratory health problems down the line.

Superior Restoration Services is available 24/7 at (973) 381-2313 to provide mold remediation services in the Pequannock Township, NJ area.

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