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Mold Remediation in Montville, NJ

ServiceMaster by Timeless

(973) 685-6117

Mold is something that often causes problems before it is seen because of its ability to thrive in dark, damp hidden places. When water damage has been left standing, or when it has gone unnoticed, it becomes a perfect environment for mold to grow. Because of its elusive nature, and its ability to release spores, mold that is left on its own can cause serious damage to affected surfaces.

Mold is the four-letter word that no one wants to hear spoken in their home. It can be difficult to treat and cause damage to your health. Mold often grows first on porous materials such as walls and furniture. It takes only 48 hours for mold to appear in water damaged areas. Mold will eat away at affected surfaces resulting in serious damage to everything it touches. Because of the seriousness and speed at which mold grows, it is imperative that you call a mold remediation company immediately.

Mold-Removal-Services-in-Montville-NJMold Removal in Montville, NJ

ServiceMaster by Timeless is well equipped to handle your mold remediation needs in Montville, NJ. We use proven methods for mold cleanup that guarantee mold removal and halt the spread to other places on your property. We work in the Montville, NJ area to provide 24-hour emergency mold removal 7 days a week. We also work to find the source of moisture to prevent further outbreaks of mold.

If you find evidence of mold, call us today at (973) 685-6117 to have the mold removed.

Our services for mold removal in Montville, NJ include:

  • Identification of the source of the moisture
  • Find all mold growth with infrared mold detection technology
  • Create a mold remediation plan that includes the mold mitigation method, scope, and timeframe
  • The affected areas are isolated and damaged items and materials are removed under negative pressure containment to prevent the mold from spreading
  • Items and surfaces that can be salvaged are cleaned using EPA-registered cleaning products
  • Permanently damaged materials including drywall, carpeting, and furnishings are removed
  • The HVAC system will be evaluated and treated if necessary
  • Inspection to ensure all visible mold is removed
  • A third party will perform testing to ensure complete mold removal

Health Hazards Associated with Mold

One huge reason to remove mold before it spreads is the effect it has on human health. With exposure to mold, individuals may develop symptoms like coughing, trouble breathing, skin irritation, headaches, itchy eyes and throat, and nasal congestion. This can be more serious if an individual is already at risk because of asthma or allergies. These symptoms should be a huge motivator for wanting to deal with mold as fast as possible.

Mold Remediation in Montville, NJ

If you find mold, do not wait to call for help. At ServiceMaster of Timeless, we are experienced in dealing with all kinds of mold cases and restoring property back to its original state.

To set up a mold inspection, call us today at (973) 685-6117.

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