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Hoarding Cleaning Services in Harrisburg, PA

Hoarder Cleanup Services in Harrisburg, PA

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Over one million Americans are affected by hoarding every day, but many people are not aware of the fact that it is a mental disorder. Addressing the issue of hoarding involves more than just a major cleanup throughout the home, the affected individual is battling a severe depression or anxiety often caused by a traumatic life event.

This has caused them to develop an emotional bond with their personal items that makes it very difficult to throw anything away. As the number of items accumulates within the home, dangerous conditions develop and a hoarding cleaning service may be necessary.

RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services provides hoarding cleanup services in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas to help individuals affected by hoarding. Our professionals have many years of experience in hoarding cases and are here to help those affected return their home to a safe and clean living space. This is done by following a 3-step approach that involves placing the individual in charge of the hoarding clean out process, removing excess items, and disinfecting the home to remove bacteria and pathogens.

Hoarding-Cleaning-Harrisburg, PATendencies of Hoarding to Look Out For in Harrisburg, PA

People affected by hoarding are often sensitive towards the idea of getting rid of their items. They are also hesitant to the idea of reaching out for help as they may be embarrassed by their situation or may think it’s not “that bad.”

A loved one must reach out to them and help them understand that their situation is putting them in danger, and then call for help from a hoarding cleaning service.

We’ve seen the following hazards in the Harrisburg, PA area as a result of hoarding:

  • Fire Hazards: Many combustible items often sit near heat sources, including stoves, overloaded circuits, candles, and space heaters.
  • Blocked Escape Routes: Mounds of items may be blocking part or all of the doorways, hindering anyone from quickly escaping during an emergency.
  • Tipping Hazards: As items are piled on top of each other, they form piles that can reach dangerous heights and fall on anyone walking by.
  • Bacteria and Allergens: Dust and debris will accumulate on each item, triggering a number of allergies and even sickness from floating bacteria.

Hoarding Clean Up in Harrisburg, PA and How it Works

We’ve provided hoarding clean up services in the Harrisburg, PA area for years and have come across some dire situations. But our restoration crews demonstrate professionalism and sensitivity when performing hoarding clean out services.

Here’s what you can expect when using our hoarder cleanup services in Harrisburg, PA:

  1. Establishing a Trusted Bond: As soon as we arrive, we will get to know the affected individual and develop a relationship built on trust. They are then put in charge of the hoarding cleaning process.
  2. Development of a Deep Cleaning Plan: A cleaning plan is developed to remove all unnecessary items while conducting a deep cleaning within the home. The items are then taken to be recycled, donated, or thrown away.
  3. Follow Up with the Individual: Hoarding disorders will never go away overnight; it’s a process. RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services will follow up with the individual to ensure the home is kept clean. Additional cleaning appointments can be made if necessary.

After the cleaning service, RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services will work with the hoarder to keep the home cleaned. Our goal is to change these habits over time to maintain safe and healthy living conditions.

We Provide Hoarding Cleanup Services Nearby in Harrisburg, PA

For professional hoarding cleanup services in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas, contact RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services at (717) 622-2244. We provide free estimates.

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