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Disinfection and Cleaning Services in Harrisburg, PA

RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services

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What-Is-CoronavirusHaving a clean and sanitary home and workspace is essential, especially in the middle of flu season or a pandemic. Everyone is taking steps to disinfect their home, but a professional sanitizing company can eliminate a number of bacteria and pathogens to prevent the spread of illness and disease.

RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services is available in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas to provide disinfection and cleaning services for homes and buildings. Our hospital-grade products are EPA and CDC-approved to remove each of the following: H1N1, Influenza, MRSA, Norovirus, and COVID-19.

When disinfecting your property, we focus on high touch point surfaces, like door handles, phones, tables, chairs, desks, etc. We also ensure to follow regulations from environmental specialists and the CDC for full peace of mind.

The RestorationMaster franchise has also been known to provide deep cleaning and disinfection services for all types of properties throughout the country. While each franchise is unique, RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services is a fully equipped sanitizing company. We provide disinfection services that use products that are 99.9% effective in killing germs, viruses, and bacteria, including COVID-19.

Indeed, this is a newly discovered disease, but we are confident that our products can eliminate its spread throughout homes and buildings.

About COVID-19

Coronavirus, or COVID-19 was first discovered in Wuhan, China and it is a respiratory infection. The term COVID-19 is an acronym for (CO) corona (VI) virus (D) disease (19) 2019. While thousands of Americans have tested positive for this disease, everyone has shown different symptoms; however, those that are common include difficulty breathing, high fever, and coughing.

Those who are most vulnerable to the disease are individuals with compromised immune systems, including infants, the elderly, and those with respiratory illnesses. The disease has been known to spread through human contact as well as touching contaminated surfaces, but symptoms can take as long as 2 weeks to appear.

For more information related to COVID-19, visit the CDC FAQ on COVID-19.

Cleaning and Disinfection Services for Harrisburg, PA

According to the WHO, the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is through frequent hand washing, cleaning, and disinfection. Which is precisely what our decontamination services provide.

There is a two-step process that is followed by RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services during our disinfection service that results in total cleaning and disinfection of the property. That process will be shared with you before the sterilization services begin.

For additional peace of mind, we also protect your confidentiality during the disinfecting cleaning service.

Why Use a Sanitizing Company in Harrisburg, PA to Clean Your Property

When choosing RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services, our decontamination professionals can provide a cleaning service that has been perfected since 1989, using the industry’s latest products and equipment to keep you and our professionals safe.

sanitizing company harrisburg pa

Our disinfection services in the Harrisburg, PA area include each of the following:

  • Advanced technology: Our team invests in the highest quality technology and cleaning methods to provide peace of mind. We also follow a two-step method to ensure that all viruses, pathogens, and bacteria are removed from the home or building.
  • Hospital grade, CDC and EPA approved products: Each of our cleaning products is eco-friendly and 99.9% effective in removing disease-causing illnesses.
  • Trained and experienced team: Our team is fully trained to follow IICRC protocols when cleaning all homes and buildings.

Disinfection Services in Harrisburg, PA

To schedule your disinfection and cleaning appointment in the Harrisburg, PA area, contact RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services at (717) 622-2244. We also provide free estimates.

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