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Hoarding Cleaning in Golden, CO

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Compulsive hoarding is an extreme behavior pattern that affects millions of people in the United States alone. Often suffering from depression and anxiety, individuals who hoard have a harder time parting ways with their belongings, causing them to hold onto everything in their home and for unsafe levels of clutter to build up. A situation that starts with the existence of too much clutter can quickly progress into a full-blown safety hazard as hoarded items block walkways and begin to develop mold and bacteria. Homes affected by hoarding also suffer from an increased risk of fire and mold-related health concerns.

RestorationMaster brings order and cleanliness back to homes affected by hoarding in the Golden, CO area. Our hoarding cleaning services involve a full cleaning and restoration of the home using the latest equipment and cleaning products available. We offer a compassionate approach to hoarding cleaning that honors the feelings of the affected individual and involves them in the process.

Trusted Hoarding Cleaning Services

Building trust is the first step in an effective hoarding cleaning process. Because hoarding is caused by a psychological disorder, affected individuals are often unaware of the extent of their problem and may also be hesitant to change it. We must first ease these concerns by establishing trust and treating the individual with patience and understanding. We also involve them in every step of the planning and cleaning process to ensure they have control over what happens with their belongings. After we have worked with the individual to decide which items will stay and which ones will go, we will get rid of all unwanted items and then perform a deep cleaning to restore the home once they’ve been removed. Any mold, bodily fluids or other biohazards will be properly dealt with and removed as well.

Our hoarding cleaning protocols are in full compliance with OSHA, EPA, and Department of Transportation guidelines. Our process includes:

  • Decontamination: We will remove biohazard materials from the home and decontaminate any affected spaces.
  • Deodorization: Your home will smell fresh and clean by the time we leave. Our restoration providers use professional-grade deodorizers to eliminate tough odors.
  • Disposal: All biohazard materials will be transported to a licensed medical waste facility to be disposed of properly.

Hoarding is a serious problem, but it can be dealt with safely and effectively with the right help. Contact RestorationMaster at (720) 706-8965 if you or someone you know struggles with hoarding in the Golden, CO area. We will help remove excess items from the home and restore it to safe conditions.