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Hoarding Cleanup in Delano, CA 93215

ServiceMaster at Bakersfield

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Individuals suffering from hoarding tendencies are in danger due to complex psychological factors involved. At ServiceMaster at Bakersfield, we offer professional hoarding cleanup services to hoarders to return their home to a livable condition in Delano, CA.

Risks Involved with HoardingHoarding Cleaning in Delano, CA

Hoarding is a difficult subject matter because those affected suffer from a serious mental disorder called compulsive hoarding. This condition incites anxiety and fear in hoarders when they are tasked with throwing things away. This leads to the buildup of unnecessary belongings, clutter, and even garbage.

The cleaning process begins when trusted friends and family members confront the affected individual in a respectful manner. This is important because the individual is often too ashamed or shy to seek help and they won’t feel threatened in a compassionate setting. We find that the most effective route is to point out the threat hoarding has on the individual.

Hoarding Cleanup in Delano, CA

For hoarding cleanup in Delano, CA, contact ServiceMaster at Bakersfield at (661) 232-0021.

Common Dangers With Hoarding

There are a variety of dangers and problems that occur as a direct consequence of hoarding. These are the most common:

  • Hoarded items create clutter and fire hazards that compromise the safety of the residents of the building. If a fire occurs, the clutter will serve as additional fuel and make the fire more intense.
  • Hoarded belongings will create dirty areas in your home where mold, bacteria, and allergens can amass. This can lead to significant health problems like respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma attacks.
  • It is difficult and dangerous for people to move around the house if so many items are blocking doors, hallways, windows, and exits. If an emergency occurs, you and your loved ones may not be able to escape in time.
  • Unstable, loose belongings can act as a dangerous tipping hazard and fall on individuals, trapping and killing them.

Hoarding Cleaning in Delano, CA

At ServiceMaster at Bakersfield, we will develop trust with the affected individual before beginning and help restore the property to its original state. We will consult the affected individual about which belongings they wish to keep, and which are safe to throw out.

The hoarding process is often long and difficult, but our caregivers will be there for you throughout the entire cleaning process. Once we are finished, we will give the affected individual a list for at-home cleaning so they can learn to handle their hoarding tendencies.

Contact Us

ServiceMaster at Bakersfield provides hoarding cleanup services to hoarders in Delano, CA, and the surrounding areas. You can reach us at (661) 232-0021 for more information about our hoarding cleaning services.

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Bakersfield, CA
ServiceMaster's staff were very professional and attentive to the needs of the customer. Always available for any questions or concerns, and addressed them promptly. Went above and beyond to make sure the work was done in a time manner. I would recommend this company to anyone needing their services!!

Bakersfield, CA
Crew was very professional and were very informative and helped me with all my needs.

The service was timely, professional. I especially appreciate the project Manager Noe, who pays attention to customer’s needs and excellent in resolving problems. I will definitely recommend this company.

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