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Biohazard Cleanup and Crime Scene Cleaning in Delano, CA


(661) 232-0021

It can be upsetting to find a violent crime or serious accident on your property, especially one that involves a severe injury or death. Bodily fluids, like blood, are often present in these situations and are health threats because they contain a number of disease-causing agents. It is important to call law enforcement and emergency responders immediately after you have discovered the scene and moved to a safe location.

Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup, cleaning in Delano, CA

Once you have called for help, contact RestorationMaster for biohazard and crime scene cleanup services in Delano, CA. Our technicians will sanitize and clean the affected area using the proper equipment and products.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Delano, CA

Discovering a serious injury or death is an overwhelming experience, but the proper course of action is to maintain a safe distance and call 9-1-1. The biohazard materials contain pathogens and bacteria that can be harmful to your health, so keep your distance. Do not attempt to clean the crime scene yourself because it is dangerous to handle bodily fluids like tissue and blood without the proper equipment and training.

Our professionals at RestorationMaster are licensed and trained to clean up crime scenes and prevent the spread of disease. We will remove all bacteria and blood with our powerful cleaners and then disinfect the affected area. We will also cooperate with law enforcement during the crime scene to avoid disturbing any evidence.

Each of the following is included within our biohazard cleanup services:

  • Cleanup and disinfection of affected areas after biohazards are removed
  • Eliminate remaining odors using advanced technology
  • Proper disposal in a licensed medical waste facility
  • Communicate with the homeowner and their insurance adjuster during the restoration process
  • Compassionate support and help to grieving families

Contact Us

Call us at RestorationMaster at (661) 232-0021 to learn about our emergency biohazard cleaning and crime scene cleanup services in Delano, IL and the surrounding areas.

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