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Content Cleaning & Pack-Out – The Villages, FL

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When your property is damaged by a fire, flood, severe accident, or other traumatic event, there are a lot of tasks that must be completed promptly in order to minimize harm. This is true on personal, structural, and financial levels. The first thing that you should do is contact professionals such as RestorationMaster about property stabilization services. This will provide you and your loved ones with a safer and more secure environment. However, you should also contact professionals about content cleaning & pack-out services. It is this service that will save your personal belongings.

Here at RestorationMaster, we offer content cleaning & pack-out services to property owners in The Villages, FL. We do this because we understand the financial and sentimental value that personal belongings can have. The last thing you need to worry about in a disaster scenario is an irreplaceable item being permanently damaged.

For these reasons and more, we highly recommend that you contact us as soon as you can after a catastrophic event has unfolded. A matter of hours oftentimes means the difference between an item being fully restored or permanently damaged. While it is impossible to salvage every personal item you possess, jumping on the situation quickly can result in a much higher success rate than otherwise thought.

Some of the items that we have experience restoring include, but are not limited to:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Televisions, Computers, and Other Electronics
  • Dishes and Silverware
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing, Upholstery, and Fabrics
  • Boots and Shoes
  • Books and Important Documents
  • Artwork

During our content cleaning process, we specifically sanitize, deodorize, and restore your belongings. However, when conditions are not suitable to do this on your property, we will provide our pack-out services.

Essentially, our pack-out services involve the same steps as our content cleaning services, but we do it at our own, secure facility. This can be warranted if your property is not stable, or must undergo a severe reconstruction and restoration process.

You can expect the following when you utilize our pack-out services here at RestorationMaster:

  • Inventory: We record inventory of each and every item that is packed and shipped to our facility. This gives both you and us greater ability to track your belongings.
  • Initial Shipment: We ship your personal items that are to be restored to our secure facility for cleaning.
  • Restoration: We fully sanitize, deodorize, and restore your belongings to the absolute best of our ability.
  • Final Shipment: When your building is ready to accommodate your belongings once more, we will ship your items to your door.

If you live in The Villages, FL, and would like to utilize our content cleaning and pack-out services, please do not hesitate to give us a call. After receiving your call, we will get a team of technicians out to your property swiftly. It is our aim to save as many of your personal belongings as possible.