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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services – San Fernando, CA


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It can be a devastating thing to find out that you are going to need the services of a professional restoration company. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to be hit by a disaster, whether it be a major storm or a water heater explosion. Yet, disasters like these can happen at any time and it’s important to stay prepared. Fortunately, RestorationMaster is an expert in the disaster restoration field that can help you with all of your water or fire damage restoration needs in the San Fernando area.

Water Damage Restoration – San Fernando, CA

In San Fernando, CA, homeowners and business owners alike suffer from water damage on a regular basis. This common form of property damage can result in a number of problems for your building and its contents. At RestorationMaster, we provide water damage restoration services to not only remove the excess water, but restore your property, as well. This includes structural elements of your building, and any affected furnishings or belongings.

Fire Damage Restoration – San Fernando, CA

Fires are unique in that they can cause extensive damage even after they are put out. This is because airborne elements (such as smoke, soot, and corrosive byproducts of the fire) will continue to spread long after the final flames have been extinguished. Our RestorationMaster technicians understand this and will sanitize and restore all affected areas of your property. This includes your building and its contents. We provide this comprehensive service to homeowners and business owners in San Fernando, CA.

Mold Remediation – San Fernando, CA

Mold growth is particularly troubling because of the damage it can cause to your property and health. Mold can literally feed off of certain structural elements of your building, and can trigger asthma attacks, severe allergies, and other health complications. To make matters worse, it easily spreads as it releases its spores. At RestorationMaster, we provide mold remediation services to property owners in San Fernando, CA, to eliminate these risks, and return your property and its contents to their original condition.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services – San Fernando, CA

When major property damage occurs, your building and its contents are at risk of suffering permanent damage. At RestorationMaster, we provide content cleaning and pack-out services specifically tailored to prevent the latter. With our 24-hour availability, professional-grade sanitization equipment, and state-of-the-art restoration procedures, we give your belongings the greatest odds of being fully restored. Depending on the status of your building, we can do this on-site or at one of our secure facilities. We offer these services to homeowners and business owners in San Fernando, CA.

Odor Removal – San Fernando, CA

When major damage occurs to your property, a variety of odors are often left behind. At RestorationMaster, we provide comprehensive odor removal services to return your property to normal. The first step is identifying the sources of the smells. Once they are determined, containment and treatment are required. When all is said and done, you will not need to worry about any lingering odors or aromas. We provide this service to homeowners and business owners in San Fernando, CA.

Hoarding Cleaning – San Fernando, CA

In San Fernando, CA, there are a number of individuals that suffer from a very real mental condition called compulsive hoarding (or hoarding disorder). This condition incites severe anxiety in affected individuals when they are faced with throwing items away. Because of this, belongings stack up to the point that residents of the affected home are put in extreme danger. At RestorationMaster, we provide hoarding cleaning services to help affected individuals clean and restore their property.

Construction Services – San Fernando, CA

If your home or office building was damaged, or if you are simply in need of construction services, we encourage you to contact our RestorationMaster representatives. We can provide some of the most skilled project managers in the industry and we have access to a number of quality technicians and construction workers. We also have the equipment and methodologies to address any situation. Through our services, you can expect a cost effective, quality result completed in a swift manner. We offer this service to property owners in San Fernando, CA.

Commercial Damage Restoration – San Fernando, CA

At RestorationMaster, we provide industry-leading commercial damage restoration services to businesses of any size in San Fernando, CA. We are able to do this in large part because of our experience as a disaster restoration and cleaning services provider. Our technicians are regularly exposed to the aftermath of a number of property damaging events (such as floods, fires, mold growth, and more). We leverage this expertise, provide effective project management, and work with quality industry connections when required. We act as your sole point of contact to ensure a quality result.

Biohazard And Trauma Scene Cleaning Services – San Fernando, CA

Having a violent crime or serious accident take place on your property may be unlikely, but it is not out of the realm of possibility.  If such a scene does happen on your property, you must know how to react to stay safe.  These scenes commonly contain biohazard materials that can threaten your health which is why it is best to stay away from the scene and call emergency responders.  After they respond, you will also need to call a professional that can restore the scene safely.  RestorationMaster provides biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services in San Fernando, CA to restore scenes containing dangerous biohazard materials.  Our technicians use advanced cleaning products and equipment to clean and disinfect the scene and we will work quickly to get the affected area back to normal.

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