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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services for Pomona, CA

ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell

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We all are facing difficult times with the Covid-19 pandemic. However, ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides professional Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services to homes and businesses in the Southern California area. If you want the job done right, call us today!

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ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell is a restoration specialist that has been serving the homes and businesses of Pomona, CA with disaster restoration and cleaning services since we began business in 1978.  Thanks to our commitment to providing quality results and outstanding customer service, we have become a leader in providing fast and efficient restoration following any type of disaster.  Our technicians are thoroughly trained and equipped to provide a wide range of disaster restoration services using proven techniques.  The quality of our services has earned us the Marion E. Wade National Award which is given each year to the best performing ServiceMaster business.

When a disaster such as a fire, flood, or mold growth occurs on your property, the resulting damage can be extensive.  The effects of these disasters will continue to get worse until you can call a professional to help limit the spread of the damage and start the restoration work.  We use state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced restoration and cleaning methods, to fully restore your affected property and belongings.  You can reach ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell 24 hours a day at (626) 386-8834 for emergency disaster restoration services in Pomona, CA.

“That by the time we’re done, you’re not even going to know it happened, it’s kind of a remodeling job that’s been forced on customer, rather than being planned.”

Water Damage Restoration – Pomona, CAWater Damage Restoration – Pomona, CA

It is very difficult for your property to escape any type of water damage.  The majority of property damage is caused by excess water as floods, rain, burst pipes, leaks, and broken appliances can each lead to water damage.  You must react right away if there is water damage on your property because the water will spread further through porous building materials and eventually cause structural damage and mold issues.  ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell can help homes and businesses in Pomona, CA that have experienced damage from flooding or excess water with our water damage restoration services.  Our technicians will arrive quickly and begin our restoration process which includes removal of the water and thorough drying of affected materials.

Fire Damage Restoration – Pomona, CAFire Damage Restoration – Pomona, CA

The risk of a fire should always be taken seriously because these disasters cause so much damage in so little time.  A fire can start due to a variety of reasons and quickly move through your home or building, causing extensive damage and threatening the safety of those inside.  Even after the fire is out, the damage will likely spread and get worse as soot, smoke, and other byproducts continue to hang around.  At ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell, we are ready to provide complete fire damage restoration services to help restore affected homes and businesses in Pomona, CA.  We will stabilize and repair structural damage to your building, as well as cleanup the effects of smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts.

Mold Remediation – Pomona, CAMold Remediation – Pomona, CA

Mold is a pesky problem that is difficult to avoid because there are always mold spores in the air.  When the spores find an environment that provides it with moisture and a food source, they can quickly form mold colonies.  These mold colonies feed on the affected surfaces, leading to serious structural damage, and they can disperse spores which will spread the growth to new areas.  The presence of mold also increases the risk of related health issues such as allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections.  ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides complete mold remediation services in Pomona, CA to remove mold growth from homes and commercial buildings.  We can provide mold testing through an independent facility and remove all mold growth with our advanced remediation techniques.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services – Pomona, CAContent Cleaning and Pack-Out Services – Pomona, CA

The damage from any type of disaster, including fires, floods, and storms, is indiscriminate and can affect anything on your property from the furnishings and structural elements of your home to your personal belongings.  If a disaster has caused damage to your personal belongings, it is important to take note of the damage and ensure that these items are cleaned up and restored immediately.  Many delicate items such as clothing, electronics, and jewelry can sustain permanent damage unless they are quickly restored.  ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides content cleaning and pack-out services as part of our overall disaster restoration services in Pomona, CA.  We can fully clean and restore your content in your home, and we can also provide pack-out services if your content must be restored off-site.

Deodorization Services – Pomona, CADeodorization Services – Pomona, CA

Getting your home or building back to normal after a disaster is a relief, but this feeling of relief can be tainted by lingering odors.  Many different disasters including floods, fires, and mold growth can leave foul odors in your home that linger by getting absorbed into porous materials.  The only way to rid your property of these odors is to remove them from the affected materials.  ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides deodorization services to remove unpleasant odors from homes and businesses in Pomona, CA.  We use advanced deodorization equipment and techniques to extract and neutralize the odor from the affected areas.

Hoarding Cleaning – Pomona, CAHoarding Cleaning – Pomona, CA

Hoarding is an often-misunderstood issue that affects millions of Americans every day.  Those affected by hoarding suffer from a mental disorder that leads to the behaviors that are commonly associated with hoarders.  Deep rooted anxiety prevents those affected from throwing anything away, leading to a dangerous buildup of clutter in the home.  The clutter caused by hoarded items can increase the risk of fires and injuries, block off areas of the home, and create havens for bacteria, mold growth, and pests.  It is crucial to help someone who struggles with hoarding clean out their home before the conditions become too dangerous.  At ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell, we can help those who struggle with hoarding issues in Pomona, CA clean and restore their homes.  We always take a respectful approach to hoarding cleaning projects and we don’t remove anything from the home without the permission of the affected individual.

Construction Services – Pomona, CAConstruction Services – Pomona, CA

When a major disaster strikes, it is difficult to tell what type of damage it will cause to your property.  Disasters like fires, major storms, and accidents have the potential to cause significant structural damage to your home or building, requiring it to be rebuilt with construction services.  At ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell, we can provide complete construction services to repair and rebuild homes and businesses in Pomona, CA that have sustained major damage.  Our crew will handle everything from the initial planning, through the construction process to the final inspection.

Commercial Damage Restoration – Pomona, CACommercial Damage Restoration – Pomona, CA

If your business is affected by a natural disaster, it can be a major detriment.  Not only will your company spend money to pay for the repairs, but you may also lose money by halting your business operations until the property can be restored.  It is very important to call a professional restoration contractor who can save your business money by limiting the damage and effectively restoring your property.  ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides complete commercial disaster restoration services to help businesses in Pomona, CA.  Our technicians can handle restoration projects of any scale in a variety of commercial settings.

Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning Pomona, CABiohazard And Trauma Scene Cleaning – Pomona, CA

Violent crimes and serious accidents leave behind disturbing scenes that are also very dangerous.  If you have such an event take place on your property, you need to avoid the scene and call emergency responders immediately.  The biohazard materials at the scene, including blood and bodily fluids, could spread infection or disease and they need to be cleaned up by professionals.  After the emergency responders arrive, contact a licensed restoration professional for the cleanup.  ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services in Pomona, CA.  You can count on our technicians to safely remove biohazard materials, disinfect the affected areas, and work discreetly to protect your privacy.

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