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Mold Removal and Mold Remediation in Pasadena, CA


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The presence of mold in a home or building can be very unsettling as mold can cause property damage and foul odors, as well as adverse health effects for those within the home. Mold spores are always circulating through the air, and all it takes is a moisture source and food source, such as wood or drywall surfaces, for mold to start growing. Mold can spread rather quickly once it starts growing which makes it important to call RestorationMaster once you notice mold in your home or building. We provide mold removal and remediation services for homes and businesses in Pasadena, CA and we can repair the damage caused by the mold.

Why is Mold Dangerous in the Home?

Mold is a fungus that grows, spreads, and eats whatever it can latch itself onto. If you have ever had Athlete’s foot, then you already know how contagious fungus can be. And like with feet, the home provides the perfect environment to allow for the development and growth of all types of quick-spreading fungi.

Mold can be dangerous in the house for several reasons, including the development of respiratory health problems in people and pets, serious fungal infections, and permanent structural damage to your home. Also, once mold has found an ideal spot in the house, it will spread its spores through the air and land on other susceptible locations. Once mold has the opportunity to develop in a certain area, it will eat away at that material, which could end up causing severe damage to the structural integrity of your home. It’s reasons like this that mold issues are often called mold infestations, and require professional mold removal and remediation services.

Mold Remediation & Removal in Pasadena, CA – Watch Our RestorationMaster Video:

For mold remediation and removal services in Pasadena, CA, call RestorationMaster at (888) 915-7197.

RestorationMaster Mold Removal Process

At RestorationMaster, we have the training and equipment necessary to completely remove mold growth, as well as the moisture source that caused the mold to grow. Our technicians work with nationally recognized testing facilities to provide thorough inspections, lab analysis, and complete remediation plans. We can also help coordinate claims relating to mold damage with your insurance provider.

The mold removal and remediation services we provide consist of these steps:Assessment of the mold growth and damage

  • Reporting of the assessment to your insurance company
  • Isolation of affected areas to protect unaffected areas
  • Creation of a mold removal and remediation plan according to the mold type and environmental testing
  • Removal of the mold and repair or replacement of damaged surfaces

Commercial Mold Remediation in Pasadena, CA

The sight of mold growth in a commercial building is no less unsettling than that in a home as it can contribute to property damage and adverse health effects. We can test for mold in all types of commercial settings and perform our full mold removal and remediation services, as well as repair and replace affected surfaces. By calling for mold removal and remediation services as soon as the growth is discovered, you can help limit the damage and minimize the interruption to your business.

Contact us for Mold Removal and Remediation in Pasadena, CA

As soon as you notice mold growth, it is important to take immediate action by contacting RestorationMaster before it spreads. We provide complete mold removal and remediation services for homes and businesses in Pasadena, CA, including free estimates, and we work with nationally recognized testing facilities to ensure high quality work. You can call us 24 hours a day at (888) 915-7197 to learn more about our mold remediation and removal services.