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Water Damage Restoration in Mt. Olive, NJ

Superior Restoration Services

(973) 381-2313

Water damage is a very likely disaster for those who own a residential or commercial property due to the many common ways that it can occur.  Common sources of water damage include burst pipes, leaks, sewage backup, overflow, natural flooding, and heavy rain.

Water damage must be addressed immediately upon discovery to limit the overall extent of the damage.  If the affected areas are neglected or improperly dried, the water may cause damage to the structural materials and increase the risk of mold development.

For those reasons, it is best to consult a professional disaster restoration service to properly dry, clean, and repair the damage caused by water.

water-damage-restoration-Mt Olive, NJSuperior Restoration Services provides professional water damage restoration services to residential and commercial properties in Mount Olive, NJ.  Our water restoration professionals will use advanced equipment to extract excess amounts of water and moisture.  Then, we will proceed to dry the affected areas with powerful drying equipment and restore the damage.

If the water contains hazardous elements such as sewage, our team is fully equipped to perform complete sewage removal services as well.

When the structural materials of your property are exposed to standing water, the water can be absorbed and lead to major damage.  Porous building materials like drywall, wood, and insulation can become warped and discolored due to exposure to water.

When wet, these materials also create an ideal environment for mold to grow because mold typically needs a moist area in order to thrive. If flood cleanup methods are not applied right away, mold remediation may be necessary as well.

Mold can cause more severe structural damage like rotting, which compromises the structural integrity of the property and increases the risk of collapse.  Mold can also cause serious health issues for anyone exposed to it, especially over a prolonged period of time.  That is why it is important to address water damage as soon as possible and seek professional help in treating the affected areas.

Superior Restoration Services Water Mitigation in Mount Olive, NJ

We at Superior Restoration Services are available 24/7 to respond to emergency water damage situations.  Our staff of professional water mitigation technicians is IICRC certified and experienced in using advanced equipment to effectively treat water damage to your property.

We will use professional water extraction equipment to completely remove any excess water and moisture from the affected areas.  Then we will use drying equipment such as dehumidifiers and air movers to thoroughly dry the area.

Finally, we will clean, sanitize, and address damage to the structural materials after the water cleanup is complete.  If mold has developed due to water damage, we will treat the mold through our mold remediation services.

Professional water damage restoration services by Superior Restoration Services in Mount Olive, NJ include:

Water Damage Restoration Done Right in Mt. Olive, NJ by Superior Restoration Services

To help minimize the overall extent of the damage to your home or business property caused by exposure to water and moisture, it is crucial to address the affected areas as soon as possible.

Contact our professionals at Superior Restoration Services at (973) 381-2313 for our professional water damage restoration services in Mount Olive, NJ.

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