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Water Damage Restoration in Missoula, MT

South Pacific Environmental

(406) 780-3848

It is not uncommon to experience flooding during heavy rain. However, there are many reasons not to allow water to stay for too long on your property. First, water can damage your furniture, books, and belongings within your home. It can also promote mold growth which is even more disastrous as mold growth can be harmful to your health.

Rain and flooding are not the only causes of water damage. Roof leakages, defective sewage systems, and plumbing errors can lead to unwanted water on your property. To prevent further damage and health issues, it is essential to treat water damage as an emergency.

South Pacific Environmental provides water damage restoration services in Missoula, MT to clean up and repair homes and businesses affected by flooding and water damage. We use advanced equipment to remove water and dry the affected materials and we can restore the damage.

Water Damage Restoration – Missoula, MTWhat Do You Do If You Experience Water Damage?

The first thing to do in a case of water damage is to stop the water source if it is possible. If it is from the tap, pipes, or sewage system, check if you can stop it yourself. Otherwise, call an expert. Apart from blocking the water flow, it is also essential to stop the electricity supply to the affected part of the building. This is to prevent electrical shock and other electrical accidents that can be associated with moisture. Then remove valuable materials from the affected areas. While all that is going on, make sure children are kept away from contact with the water. However, all these steps are still not enough, you must call professionals.

Why Call Experts?

The best you can do yourself is stop the continuous flow of water and move items out of harm’s way. You need the professionals to remove the flooding and moisture. The water that the building has absorbed will remain and can weaken your structure. Absorbed moisture will also facilitate mold growth. When you call us, we will not only dry your building, we will also restore any damage the water might have caused.

At South Pacific Environmental , our professionals will determine the cause of your water damage and suggest ways to prevent future occurrence. Our well-trained and experienced technicians use the latest technology and modern equipment to extract water from your property. If any part of your building has been contaminated by water, we will neutralize it to keep you and other people in the building safe. Our water restoration services include

  • Determination of the cause of water damage
  • Prevention of future occurrence
  • Extraction of water from the building
  • Dehumidification and drying of the building
  • Repair and restoration of damaged parts
  • Removal of mold
  • Prevention of mold
  • Disinfection of the building

You Can Call Us Today

If you experience any form of water damage, do not hesitate to call us. We understand the urgency in such a situation which is why we work all hours of the day. You can call South Pacific Environmental at (406) 780-3848, for water damage restoration in Missoula, MT.