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Water Damage Restoration in Orchard Homes, MT


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Water damage is a major problem for your home or business.  Whether dealing with indoor flooding or a small leak, water damage can spread through porous building materials and furnishings which can result in structural damage to wood and drywall, permanent damage to electronics and other personal belongings, and mold growth.  If you do not act quickly when water damage occurs, the damage will only get worse.

At RestorationMaster, we provide professional water damage restoration services to help affected homes and businesses in Orchard Homes, MT.  Our technicians use advanced equipment and methods to remove water from your property, dry affected materials, and restore the damage caused by the water.

Damage Caused by Water

Any amount of excess water in your property, whether it is flood water or a leak, can eventually cause significant property damage.  This is because many building materials and furnishings are porous, including wood, drywall, flooring, carpeting, and insulation, which means they absorb water and allow it to spread.  As these materials take on more water, they will become discolored, warped, and corroded.  Serious structural damage may occur if structural elements like flooring, wood, and drywall absorb too much water.

Water damage is also a common cause of mold growth as mold thrives in areas with a moisture source.  Mold also feeds on cellulose, a material found in wood, drywall, and other building materials, which leads to significant damage over time.  Walls and ceilings affected by mold may become structurally unstable from the damage caused by mold.

Calling our professionals for water damage restoration immediately will help limit the spread of the water and prevent more severe damage like structural damage and mold growth.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by so many things, including the following:

  • Flooding: Flooding refers to standing water inside the house, whether caused by natural flooding, heavy rain, overflows, or a pipe burst. Flood water quickly seeps into the surrounding building materials and furnishings and can cause permanent damage.
  • Plumbing issues: A leak or blockage in the plumbing system can cause water damage.
  • Roof leaks: Water can seep in through cracks and other openings in the roof.
  • Sewage backup: Blockage and overflows can cause reversal of the flow of sewage and cause sewage water to back up into the property. The contaminated sewage water is harmful to your health.
  • Blockages: Blockage in the water disposal system or pipes can reverse the flow of contaminated water and cause water damage.

Professional Water Damage Restoration

Our technicians at RestorationMaster provide complete water damage restoration that includes the removal of the water.  We use water extraction and drying equipment to ensure that the affected areas are thoroughly dried, and we will restore the damage caused by the water.

Our water damage restoration services include the following steps:

  • Addressing the source: Our technicians will find and address the source of the water to stop the damage.
  • Inspection: We will inspect the affected areas to determine the extent of the water and spread of the damage.
  • Water extraction: We can remove all water, including standing water, with advanced water extraction equipment.
  • Drying and dehumidification: We strategically place dehumidifiers, fans, and air movers to dry the affected areas and materials.
  • Mold removal: If the water damage caused mold growth, we will find and remove all mold from your property.
  • Cleaning and restoration: We will restore the damage caused by the water and thoroughly clean the area.

Affected By Damage? Watch Our Video:

Having a water damage related issue? Call our team to schedule an inspection at (406) 780-3848


Going the Extra Mile to Restore Water Damage

Extracting water is not enough to reverse the problems of water damage. Our experts give attention to detail. RestorationMaster specializes in water damage restoration. Our complete restoration includes:

  • Addressing the Source of the Problem – Our experts run thorough checks and inspections to find the source of the problem.
  • Drying Out or Dehumidification – After extracting the last drop of water, we strategically use dehumidifiers, fans, and air movers to dry out the place.
  • Hunt Mold – Mold grows in humid conditions. Water damage provides optimal conditions for mold to grow. Mold is unpleasant and unhealthy. We will hunt down the mold and remove it from the property.

Contact Us

If your home or business in Orchard Homes, MT is affected by flooding or water damage, contact RestorationMaster to limit and restore the damage.  You can reach us 24 hours a day at (406) 780-3848 for emergency water damage restoration services.