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Frozen Pipe Water Damage Restoration in Missoula, MT


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One potential source of water damage that is not often thought about until it happens is a burst pipe.  Water pipes in homes and buildings may burst if they are rusted, old, or damaged, but the main cause of a pipe burst is frozen pipes.  When the temperature drops below freezing in the winter, it can cause water within the pipes to freeze.  The ice will continue to expand inside the pipe and the pressure this creates will eventually cause the pipe to burst.  Pipe bursts can spill a lot of water that will flood and damage your property.

RestorationMaster provides frozen pipe water damage restoration in Missoula, MT to restore the damage from burst pipes.  Our technicians can handle the removal of any amount of water from a burst pipe and dry and restore the affected areas.

Frozen Pipes Missoula, MTWhat Causes Burst Pipes?

Burst pipes can be caused by several different things including damage or wear and tear to the pipes or improper installation of fittings and pipes. The most common cause of pipe bursts is frozen pipes.

Any time the outside temperature is below freezing, it is possible for water within pipes to freeze.  Water pipes are more likely to freeze if they are in uninsulated areas like attics and crawlspaces or within outside walls, but any indoor pipe can freeze if it gets cold enough.  Once the water freezes, the ice expands and creates pressure within the pipe strong enough to cause a burst.  A pipe burst can cause many gallons of water to spill into the surrounding area of the property which can quickly cause serious damage.

You can help prevent frozen pipes in your home during the winter by taking the following steps:

  • During cold temperatures, turn faucets on to a trickle. This keeps the water moving which prevents it from freezing.
  • Use pipe insulation or heating tape to insulate pipes in vulnerable areas.
  • Use a space heater in vulnerable areas to help keep the pipes warm and make sure to use the heater safely.
  • Keep cabinet doors beneath kitchen and bathroom sinks open so the heat reaches the pipes.
  • Shut off the outside water supply.

Burst Pipe Water Restoration

Burst pipes can lead to extensive water damage as it does not take long for hundreds of gallons of water to spill out.  You need to shut off the water main as soon as a pipe bursts and call our professionals.

Our technicians provide complete water damage restoration following a burst pipe.  We will immediately limit the spread of the water and remove it using our advanced water extraction equipment.  We will then set up our drying and dehumidification equipment to extract moisture from the affected materials and restore the damage caused by the water.  It is important to call us right away because the water will continue to spread through porous building materials and furnishings which increases the risk of structural damage and mold growth.

Call RestorationMaster

The water damage that results from a burst pipe can be extensive which is why you need to call our professionals immediately after it happens.  Our technicians will remove the water as well as dry and restore the affected areas.

You can call RestorationMaster 24 hours a day at (406) 780-3848 for frozen pipe damage restoration in Missoula, MT.

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