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Frozen Pipe Water Damage Restoration in Lolo, MT


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There are many ways that water damage can occur within homes and buildings, but one cause that is often forgotten about is burst pipes.  A pipe can burst due to a number of reasons including damage or wear and tear, but the most common cause of a burst is frozen pipes.  This happens when cold winter temperatures cause the water within pipes to freeze, and the ice expands until the pressure causes the pipe to burst.  The water that spills out from a burst pipe can cause serious property damage including structural damage and mold growth.

At RestorationMaster, we provide frozen pipe water damage restoration to clean up and restore the damage from a burst pipe in Lolo, MT.  Our technicians are water damage restoration experts that will remove all water and moisture and ensure that the affected areas and materials are restored.

Frozen Pipes Lolo, MTWhat Causes Burst Pipes?

There are several potential causes of burst pipes, including damage, rusting, general wear and tear, and improperly installed pipes and fittings.  Frozen pipes are the main cause of a pipe burst, especially in the winter.

Water within the plumbing pipes can freeze any time the outside temperature drops below freezing.  Any pipes within the home can freeze in cold temperatures, but pipes in uninsulated areas like basements, attics, and outside walls are the most vulnerable.  The ice within the pipe will continue to expand and the pressure from the expanding ice will eventually cause the pipe to burst.  Pipe bursts lead to major water damage as hundreds of gallons of water may spill into the property very quickly.

The following steps will help you prevent your pipes from freezing:

  • Turn each faucet on to a trickle when the temperature drops as the moving water is less likely to freeze.
  • Cover pipes in vulnerable areas with heating tape or pipe insulation.
  • Put a space heater in uninsulated or unheated areas to keep the pipes warm. Always follow the proper steps to use the heater safely.
  • Open cabinet doors beneath kitchen and bathroom sinks so the heat gets to the pipes.
  • Turn off the outside water supply for the winter.

Burst Pipe Water Restoration

When a pipe bursts, it can cause hundreds of gallons of water to spill out which can cause serious property damage.  When a pipe bursts in your home, shut off the water main immediately and call our professionals.

Our technicians can fully restore the water damage caused by a burst pipe.  The amount of water that spills out from a burst pipe will get absorbed into the surrounding building materials and furnishings which can lead to significant damage, including structural damage and mold.  We will remove the standing water using advanced water extraction equipment and then dry the area and affected materials with our drying and dehumidification equipment.  The affected area will then be cleaned and restored to its previous state.

Call RestorationMaster

The water damage caused by a burst pipe needs immediate attention to prevent more serious damage.  Our technicians at RestorationMaster are water damage restoration experts who are equipped to restore your home following a burst pipe.

We are available 24 hours a day at (406) 780-3848 for frozen pipe damage restoration in Lolo, MT.

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