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Commercial Furniture Restoration for Galveston, TX

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There are many types of furniture used in offices and other commercial settings and the condition and functionality of this furniture can have an effect on the appearance and efficiency of your office.  If your office furniture is damaged with scuffs, gouges, water rings, creaky joints, or worn out finishes, this could affect the appearance of your office as well as the impression that employees and clients may get of your business.  RestorationMaster provides commercial furniture restoration and repair services to the businesses of Galveston, TX to repair and restore all types of furniture in commercial settings.  We offer these services to offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and others to improve the look and condition of the furniture.

Our technicians at RestorationMaster are trained and experienced to repair and restore a variety of furniture types found in commercial settings and we use proven techniques to provide quality results.  We perform these services on-site so that it is more convenient for your company and we also work outside of your normal business hours to avoid interrupting your daily activities.  The work is completed quickly so that you can resume using your furniture right away.

Commercial Furniture Restoration in Galveston, TXReliable Commercial Furniture Restoration

The commercial furniture repair and restoration services that we offer cover a variety of wood and leather furniture including desks, tables, chairs, bookshelves, and cabinets among others.  The specific services that we offer for commercial furniture include the following:

On-Site Repairs

  • Structural repair and joint stabilization
  • Precision repair of wood surfaces including desks, conference tables, millwork, and molding

Furniture Enhancement

  • Maintenance contracts
  • Sheen adjustment
  • Color touch-up

Refinishing and Restoration

  • Color changes
  • Surface refinishing
  • Flood, fire, and vandalism restoration
  • Chipped granite and marble repair

If the furniture in your office or commercial space in Galveston, TX is worn out or damaged, contact RestorationMaster for our commercial furniture restoration services.  Our highly trained technicians are ready to repair and restore any type of furniture in your office and we work on-site and outside of your business hours for your convenience.  You can call us at (281) 547-0785 for more about our commercial furniture restoration services.