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Antique Furniture Refinishing and Restoration for Galveston, TX

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Antique furniture is highly valued by its owners, especially if the piece is also a family heirloom, and if it is kept in good enough condition, it can be worth a lot monetarily.  Many pieces of antique furniture are as vulnerable to damage and worn out finishes as other furniture but the deterioration of antiques, as well as inadequate restoration and repair, can drastically affect its value and even its status as an antique.  RestorationMaster provides antique furniture refinishing and restoration services in Galveston, TX to repair antique furniture that has become broken or worn out.  Our minimally invasive techniques can effectively restore the original character of your antiques to preserve its value and status as an antique.

Why RestorationMaster

An object is considered an antique if it is at least 100 years old but if the object has experienced over a 50 percent change to its original character, then it is not an antique according to the standards in the National Free Trade Act of 1993.  Our expert craftsmen understand what is considered an antique and we are dedicated to repairing and restoring your antiques to preserve their original character as well as their value.  The minimally invasive techniques that we use have been carefully designed to preserve the original character of your furniture to keep its status as an antique.

Antique Furniture Restoration Galveston, TXAntique Furniture Restoration Process

RestorationMaster is a leader in the furniture restoration industry and the technicians of RestorationMaster have the skill and experience to repair and restore a variety of antique furniture.  You can rest assured that we will restore your valued antique or family heirloom without changing its original character, thus preserving its value and status as an antique.  Our furniture repair and refinishing services include the following steps:

  • Precision Repair: Minor surface damage such as dents, scratches, stains, gouges, and nicks will be removed.
  • Re-Gluing/ Minor Adjustments: We can repair structural damage and broken parts with gluing and make adjustments to dysfunctional parts.
  • Restoration/ Refinishing: We will refinish worn out or discolored antique furniture to restore its original luster.

As the most renowned craftsmen in the industry, we are committed to effectively restoring and repairing all types of antique furniture while preserving its value and status as an antique.  You can count on RestorationMaster in Galveston, TX to treat your antique furniture with our proven minimally invasive techniques.  You can reach us at (281) 547-0785 to learn more about our antique furniture repair and restoration services.