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Wood Furniture Refinishing Services for Baytown, TX

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Wood furniture has always been the solution of choice among interior designers and homeowners alike. Taking into account the extreme beauty and endurance of solid wood, it comes as no surprise that people consider it a valuable investment. Like any investment, however, it needs to be taken proper care of as it is vulnerable to damage over time:

  • the delicate wood surfaces are susceptible to denting, scratching, scuffing, stains, and other blemishes;
  • polished finishes and bright colors gradually fade, lose their shine, and start looking dull;
  • high humidity results in swelling and mold growth;
  • dry air and/or excessive heat can cause the wood to shrink, splinter, or become brittle; etc.

RestorationMaster offers quality wood furniture refinishing and repair services in Baytown, TX, to reverse the wear and tear and breathe new life into damaged old pieces. Our skillful craftsmen have the advanced equipment and the required know-how to effectively repair and/or refinish all types of wood furniture. We can successfully fix and renew your worn-out wooden pieces in full compliance with your practical needs and aesthetic preferences.

Wood Furniture Refinishing Baytown, TXWood Furniture Repair Services

Quality wood furniture not only imparts unparalleled comfort and elegance to your interior décor, but also adds considerable value to your home. To preserve the great value and the gorgeous look and feel of your cherished wooden pieces, however, you need to keep them in good repair all the time. The experts at RestorationMaster can effectively restore your worn-out or damaged wood furniture to an excellent condition. Our competent wood furniture repair and refinishing services include:

  • Re-Gluing/ Minor Adjustments – We can readjust any components that are not functioning properly and fix broken parts with the help of specialized glues;
  • Precision Repair – We can restore all types of surface damage, such as dents, gouges, watermarks, burns, etc.;
  • Finishing – We can remove scratches, stains, and other blemishes from the finish and restore its shine;
  • Restoration/ Refinishing – We can restore the original finish of your worn out wooden furniture or apply a completely different one to suit your personal preferences;
  • Furniture Painting – We can repaint your wooden furniture in any color you choose;
  • Custom Furniture Color – We can revitalize the original color of your wood furniture, change it slightly to match the rest of your home decor, or apply a custom new color.

Wood Furniture Refinishing and Repair Process

The restoration process at RestorationMaster combines efficient innovative techniques and creative individual solutions with proven restoration methods to ensure the favorable outcome of any furniture renewal project. The basic steps we follow, however, are always one and the same:

  • Our experts inspect and assess every individual piece to determine the extent of the damage and come up with an appropriate and successful restoration strategy;
  • We wait for water damaged furniture pieces to dry completely (this usually takes about two weeks) before starting the restoration work;
  • Depending on the severity of the damage and the complexity of the work, we determine if the restoration process can be performed on-site or your furniture has to be taken to our specialized facilities;
  • We explain all the aspects of the process in detail and ask about any specific requirements or preferences you might have. Then, we ask you to sign an authorization form before we begin our work;
  • When the project is completed, we ask you to sign a satisfaction form to make sure that you are content with the results of our work.

You will be surprised by the astounding new look of your professionally refinished wooden furniture pieces. RestorationMaster provides a number of artistic and cost-effective solutions for your home décor. We can revitalize all types of worn out wooden furniture and help keep them in top-notch condition throughout the years. You can reach us at (281) 547-0785 for quality wood furniture repair and refinishing services in the area of Baytown, TX.