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Commercial Furniture Restoration for Baytown, TX

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Above anything else, it is the furniture that sets the overall style and atmosphere of any office or business establishments. It provides comfort, adds elegance, and gives the impression of prosperity and trustworthiness to your business. Therefore, if the furniture gets damaged, dirty, or worn out, it can drastically diminish the overall appeal and comfort of the commercial area. Keeping commercial furniture pieces in excellent condition, however, is very difficult because of the constant traffic and heavy use they experience on daily basis. As a result, they start showing excessive signs of wear and tear very quickly – scuffs, gouges, water marks, stains, and other blemishes appear on the delicate surfaces, the colors fade, and the finishes wear out with each passing day. So, to ensure the charming look and feel of your working environment at all times and avoid making a bad impression to your clients, partners and employees, you need proper maintenance and quality restoration services.

Commercial Furniture Restoration in Baytown, TXRestorationMaster provides effective commercial furniture restoration and repair services to hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, and other businesses in Baytown, TX, to help maintain the marvelous appearance and great functionality of commercial furniture.

Our experienced technicians have the proper equipment and extensive training required to repair and restore all types of furniture usually found in commercial settings – luxurious wall paneling, charming office suites, elegant conference tables, comfortable chairs, stylish countertops, cabinets, shelves, etc. We can revitalize wood and metal pieces, refresh natural stones and artistically reupholster soft furniture, skillfully blending the colors with the rest of the interior décor. All our services can be performed on-site and outside of your normal business hours, in full compliance with your specific needs and requirements.

Efficient and Reliable Commercial Furniture Restoration

The skilled craftsmen at RestorationMaster can effectively restore the excellent condition of wood and leather furniture typically used in offices or business establishments.  Our commercial furniture restoration services include:

On-Site Repairs

  • Structural repair, stabilization, and lubrication of faulty or creaky joints
  • Precision repair of surface damage to wooden furniture, such as conference tables, desks, countertops, millwork, and molding

Refinishing and Restoration

  • Disaster and vandalism restoration
  • Repair of chipped granite and marble
  • Surface refinishing
  • Color changes

Furniture Enhancement

  • Color blending and color matching
  • Sheen adjustment
  • Maintenance contracts

Keeping the furniture in your office or commercial building in good appearance and in good repair will ensure the pleasant atmosphere in your establishment and will help boost your business success. RestorationMaster provides quality commercial furniture restoration services for businesses in Baytown, TX, to help maintain the excellent condition of commercial properties. Call us at (281) 547-0785 to get more detailed information and request the commercial furniture restoration services you need.